Wiggle Worm


I’ve noticed that the older Nathan gets, the harder it is to change his diaper.  When he was a newborn, he laid still… making diaper changes easy. I had no idea what was in store for me. Now, his legs are all over the place. If he’s not attempting to completely consume his entire foot, he’s wrapping his toes around my hair and trying to yank even more of it out of my already balding scalp. (My hair has to stay in a ponytail at all times… if his hands aren’t grasping for it, then it’s the feet I have to look out for.)  He flops around, rolling from one side to the other with his fists up in the air. Then, once I successfully remove the soiled diaper, he clamps his legs shut, crossing them at the ankles and preventing me from getting a new diaper on him. Sometimes I just have to stop and stand back, waiting for him to tire out just so I can finish changing his diaper.

Of course, Nathan thinks all this is very, very funny. Me, not so much.



  1. Nathan is so happy!! I love visiting your blog!! I always leave with a smile!!

  2. @Debbie Davis
    That’s so great to hear… I love making people smile! 🙂 I think Nathan with all his antics could probably bring a laugh out of Mr. Scrooge himself…

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