Separation Anxiety

I’m pretty sure the dreaded and infamous separation anxiety phase has begun. For the past few days, Nathan has cried adamantly when I left the room. Well, not just when I left the room… just leaving his line of vision somehow provokes wails of protest.

Today, I had him on his play rug in his room. He was doing fine and was as happy as a clam. He was focused on playing with his toys and making little spit bubbles so I ducked out of his room to wash some dishes. Then, I heard it. The heartbreaking wail of a little guy who thinks his mommy has disappeared into thin air.

Ma ma ma! Ma ma ma!” he wailed pitifully.

I peeked in his room. He was on his belly, holding himself up with his arms and looking alertly around the room like a little prairie dog. He heard the floor creak under my feet and he whipped his head around in my direction and gave me a big, drooling grin. I smiled back at him and walked away to finish doing the dishes.

The heartbreaking wailing erupted again, so once more, I walked back to his room and peeked in on him. I think he was anticipating my arrival because he was already staring at the exact spot where my head came through doorway. And again, once he saw me, he stopped crying.

This has continued throughout the day for the past few days. Every time I leave the room, he cries. If I move out of his line of sight, he cries until he can see me again. Even when my husband is holding him, Nathan cries when I walk away. How long separation anxiety last… Months? Years? I was hoping he would be able to make it a little bit longer before entering this phase. Don’t get me wrong, it feels pretty good to know that he misses me when I’m not around. But at the same time, it can be a little frustrating when I’m trying to get things done and I have a little guy who wants me to be in his line of sight at all times.


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