Nap Time Failure

I failed at nap time today.

My attempt to put Nathan down for a nap didn’t just fail… it was an EPIC FAIL.

I don’t know why he suddenly refused to nap; he was doing so well with his nap time routine. It all started last night. He normally only wakes up once during the night to eat, and last night he woke up twice. Then he woke up two hours earlier than normal this morning and was ready to start his day before the sun had the chance to peek out from behind the clouds.

Ever since then, he’s been quite demanding. I haven’t had the chance to wash my face or even smooth down my fly-away hair. My forehead is shiny. And so is my hair. And I don’t mean that in a good, flattering type of way because I need a shower. But I don’t always have time for a shower. Hell, I barely had time to scarf down some instant oatmeal for breakfast, much to Nathan’s dismay.

Apparently, my growling stomach was entertaining.

 And I know the little guy is exhausted. He was throwing his arm dramatically over his eyes, making his tired little monkey noises. When I put him down for a nap, however, he decided his exhaustion simply was not reason enough.

He started howling like a depressed tom cat as soon as I laid him on his Winnie the Pooh sheets. I slowly backed away from the crib, but the howling continued. He flopped over onto his side, kicking his legs wildly and grasping the crib rails tightly. He eyed me dejectedly as I backed cautiously through the doorway. Tears cascaded down his nose and his right cheek. I could see them glisten in the sunlight that was filtering in through the blinds. From the doorway, I watched in awe at the vehemence in his refusal to nap. His mouth was open so wide with the howling that I could practically see his tonsils quivering. He hasn’t been like this in months.

I guess nap time is not in the agenda for today…

Which is ok. As we all know by now, Nathan is quite the persnickety fellow. In a day or two, he’ll be back to accepting nap times peacefully.


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