Keeping Your Sanity in a Sea of Poop

You know, before I had Nathan, I would have never in a million years thought I would be discussing baby poop on a normal basis. Nathan’s bathroom habits are the highlight of my day.  (I think that signifies that I officially have no life anymore.) If his bowel movements look even remotely different than normal, I have this uncontrollable urge to involve my husband in the matter. I’ll usually send him a text message, saying things like Holy crap, the amount of poop he pooped today could fill the Grand Canyon! Other times, I’ll say something like It smells so bad that it could be used as a biological weapon!

Paul, however, isn’t much better. When he has to change a poopy diaper, he’ll usually yell out something like, “Nasty! It smells like manure!” And every time Paul yells out how gross the contents in the diaper are, I have to go see for myself. 

Baby poop is so nasty that you can’t help but share the experiences with everyone around you;  The grossness and horror of the situation must be announced to the entire world.

You need someone else to commiserate with you; your sanity depends on it.


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