It Seems Like Yesterday…

While I was pregnant with Nathan, people used to always tell me about how fast babies grow. They weren’t kidding. It seems like only yesterday that I was pregnant and praying for Nathan to speed up his arrival. Then, like a little whirlwind, he was here. He was so tiny and helpless and screamy. Next thing I know, here is this plump baby with edible toes and kissable cheeks squirming happily in my arms, smiling and giving me baby kisses. Little by little, he’s gaining independence and growing up quickly.

Today, I packed up yet another wardrobe that he has outgrown, putting new sizes up in their places. I remember looking at some of those clothes when he was a newborn, wondering if he would ever be big enough to fit into a size 9-months. He just seemed so small and little, like he would never grow. He would be a permanent newborn all the way through adulthood.

In those chaotic and hormone-filled days, it seemed entirely possible.

Now, he’s started solid foods, gone through entire wardrobes, and is trying quite dilligently to be mobile. He inches around on his belly like a determined, eternally drooling inchworm. He likes to stand. Even though he can’t hold his own balance yet, he loves to simply stand up and look around the room, eyes soaking in every inch around him, his free hand held palm-open beside his face as if he’s about to wave hello. He’s no longer the small, fragile-looking newborn. It seems impossible that this much time has gone by so quickly, but here he is… growing quicker than I ever imagined. 

I have to be careful not to blink or he just might pass me up…


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