Nathan is quite an interesting fellow. All babies are unique, of course, but there is still this stereotypical mold of babydom that I’ve heard parents talk incessantly about. You know, where they say things like “Oh babies don’t like such-and-such” or “Do this-or-that and your baby will sleep through the night.” Well, Nathan does not fit in that mold. He is unlike any other baby I have ever known. Of all the comments about babydom that I’ve encountered, I’ve never heard anyone say that babies will like to have their boogers sucked out of their noses with a giant bulb syringe.

That’s right. Nathan likes to have his boogers sucked out of his nose. Really likes it. He likes it so much that when he sees me approach with the giant bulb syringe, his eyes widen and he starts cooing, arms flapping in the air and legs thunking on his seat.  Once booger extraction commences, his eyes close halfway and he tilts his head back, as if he’s enjoying a warm sunbath on the beach. All movement temporarily ceases as he appears to really enjoy the moment.

After said booger has been removed, Nathan will usually cry momentarily when he realizes it’s over, as if he’s thinking hey, bring back that booger stealer! You weren’t done!  Sometimes I’ll even remove the invisible boogers, just so I can see the look of pure contentedness on Nathan’s face.

Nathan is quite an interesting fellow indeed.



  1. I guess Nathan is relieved to have an unstopped nose!! Too cute!! enJOY your day!!

  2. Yes indeed! Have a great day yourself!

  3. Okay this is a first! My son would SCREAM at the sight of one!!
    .-= Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com´s last blog .. =-.

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