They Grow So Quickly

6 Weeks Old
6 Weeks Old

I’m learning that time is a valuable commodity- something I do not have much of now that we have Nathan. Not that I’m complaining, though. I love my little guy more than life itself, even though he devours all my time with a monstrous, ravenous appetite. Everything Paul and I do revolves around Nathan. Need a shower? It depends on Nathan. Need to run an errand? That also depends on Nathan. It’s hard to make concrete plans with anyone because, you guessed it, it depends on Nathan. Life revolves around my little dictator. I try to keep in mind, however, that this phase doesn’t last long. Before I know it, Nathan is going to be self-sufficient enough to play by himself without needing me to entertain him, which I am both looking forward to and feeling anxious about. I like that each week, he is a little more independent… but it also makes me sad because he’s growing up so fast. 

I savor each and every day with him because I know he will only be this little once.


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