The Night is Young

Well, we have checked into our suite, watched a lovely wedding, and enjoyed a nice reception. Nathan is safe and sound with Paul’s mom, hopefully scissor-legging like a happy little elf and leaving her hair attached to her scalp. Here I am, taking some time to update anyone who happens to be reading this, and missing my little guy like crazy! Wow- I’ve only been away from Nathan for a few hours now and I miss him like we’ve been apart for a week. I really admire and respect other mamas out there who leave their babies overnight… it takes serious strength!

So the room we’re in is just lovely. It’s large, cozy, with a king-sized bed, six down-pillows, and a plush maroon duvet cover. The hotel staff even left a little note telling us they wash the duvet covers. How thoughtful of them. I’d hate to sleep in a nest of germified bacteria. Neutrogena amenities are in the bathroom… as they say here in the south, whodda thunk it?  We also have wireless Internet (as you can tell since you’re reading this) and a plasma TV. Sweet! Only… no time for TV tonight, huh? We’ll be doing… other things.

So as soon as I get this posted, Paul and I are going to head out and finish enjoying the evening. Our MEGA ALONE TIME has just begun and we are going to take full advantage of it! This means more alcohol (although I admit that since I have to pump every 3 hours, I feel mega guilty about consuming just one drink… so that means not much alcohol for me) and playing some pool, which we have not had the leisure to do since May of 2008… right before we became pregnant! Yes, we were pregnant, not just me. When I got pregnant, so did Paul, poor guy!

Thanks to everyone and their wishes!


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