Lions and Tigers and… Slugs!?!? Part 2

Yesterday, I talked about a  DRIED, SHRIVELED, GIANT, MAN-EATING SLUG that had attached itself to the bottom of a wine bottle I had left outside. This, my friends, is what that  DRIED, SHRIVELED, GIANT, MAN-EATING SLUG was like when it was alive…

(Note: Video might not be appropriate for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.)

I actually saw this movie on accident when I was a kid. I was flipping through the channels while home alone one day when I came across a benign scene that piqued my interest. So once I encountered said mildly entertaining scene (I don’t remember which one exactly but it must have been something comical,) it was like watching a train wreck; I couldn’t turn the channel. Horrified, terrified, and disturbingly fascinated at the same time, I watched as an army of killer slugs invaded a town, leaving a slew of mangled, bloody, dead bodies in its slimy wake.

Seeing that crispified, shriveled, mollusk on the bottom of my wine bottle brought back some memories. 


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