How NOT to Bathe a baby (Baby’s First Bath)

A public awareness reminder that things that happen out of our sight aren’t always as rosy as we might think. Here is a video of an apathetic nurse bathing a newborn baby. Thanks to the mom who posted this video in an effort to spread awareness that other people don’t necessarily treat your precious baby the way they should, even “professionals.”



  1. OMG. I don’t even have the courage to click Play. Just looking at the first image my knees are always weak and tears are already at the edge of my eye sockets (sorry. can’t write good prose…) Blood boiling. No I can’t watch it.
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  2. submom:

    Oh, I feel ya. It made me nauseous myself, but I posted it so that other mamas out there will (hopefully) think twice about who they let handle their precious newborn babies. Yet another reason I dislike hospitals… I had a horrible birthing experience in a hospital and am still a tad bitter about how Nathan and I were treated.

  3. I would slap that lady right in the face if that was my can hear that baby gurgling from all the water flowing right into her nose and mouth.that makes me so freaking angry!

    • It’s awful because you can tell the nurse doesn’t even care. People like that are everywhere though, which is even more scary. You’d think of all people, you could trust a nurse at a hospital to be gentle with your newborn.

  4. Yikes. I’m with Submom…can’t even watch it. I’m shuddering just looking at the still photo.

    We had a very specific birth plan and were lucky enough to be at a hospital that respected it. Tankbaby was placed right on my stomach after he was born, we nursed immediately, and it was several minutes before he got cleaned up. When he did, it was my husband who got to do the cleaning.

    Argh. Thanks for trying to educate mamas-to-be out there.
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    • I’m glad your birth experience went well! We also had a very specific birth plan, and the hospital/doctor COMPLETELY disregarded EVERY SINGLE THING I wrote. Everything. No kidding. I talked a little bit about how bad the whole experience was in the very first post on this blog. I’m still furious with the hospital and my OB/GYN for completey ruining my experience. It was horrible. More like a nightmare. If there is ever a next time, I will more than likely go to a birthing center and use a midwife.

      • Aw, Jen, I’m so sorry to hear that. I mean, of course, we can all say “all that matters is a healthy baby” and we can really, really, really mean it…and still want to have a birthing experience that we get to control a bit. FWIW, we did use a midwife, one who used to do super-hippie home births, but who now is affiliated with a hospital. I think that can make a difference.
        .-= Falling´s last blog ..Somebody Call the Waah-mbulance =-.

        • I think you’re right about a midwife making a difference- especially one who supports home births. I am very grateful to have a happy, healthy baby… but birth experiences are so important as well because it is our right, as mothers, to say how we want the experience to go… what we want/don’t want for our bodies and babies. We even hired a doula, who was fantastic… but not even she could stop the doctor and hospital staff from completely disregarding my birth-plan. Ah, I could go on forever about the importance of a mother getting the birth experience she wants/deserves. And I am still sad that mine was such an awful experience.

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