Growing Up Nathan

Before Nap

Nap times can sometimes be a bit of a struggle in this house. When I lay Nathan down in his crib, one of three things happen: He screams indignantly, he flops around like a fish out of water, or he falls peacefully asleep. Falling peacefully asleep is low on his priority list, however. He usually prefers to flop around, rolling over tirelessly while playing with his feet.

When I laid him down for his mid-morning nap today, Nathan immediately started giggling, his blue eyes dancing with mischievousness. It was the kind of giggle that made me wonder if he was plotting to destroy the world with red permanent markers, play dough, and smeared poop. Good thing he’s not capable of doing that… yet. Then, he noticed his hands and started opening and closing them, so I tiptoed out of his room as quietly as my popping knees would allow.

After I left the room, I heard music. FROM HIS MOBILE. It has buttons that have to be pushed in order to hear that music. I peeked through the door and sure enough, he had scooted over towards the mobile and had managed to push one of the buttons, turning it on! He was proudly kicking his feet in the air and humming along with the music. I was happy because he is learning even more ways of soothing and entertaining himself. Little by little, he’s growing up and leaving babyhood behind him.

Playing with his feet


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