Sleep. It Does a Baby Good.

Smiling happily after his nap

Nathan finally took his nap today. He slept for three solid hours, and so did I! I find it amazing how someone can be so tired and yet so adamantly refuse to sleep. He’ll yawn, ferociously rubbing his eyes. Then his eyes will start to shut, slowly… as if they were geared by molasses. As soon as they shut, however, it’s as if a NEON SIGN flashes behind those eyelids, complete with an obnoxious noise that jolts him from his sleep before he even gets started. He’ll wake up and start screaming indignantly, tears streaming from his face as if the worst thing that could possibly happen to him would be to fall asleep.

I can’t help but marvel at him when he acts like that.

I’m sure it’s probably because he’s afraid he’ll miss out on something important; he’s really engaged in his surroundings and notices everything that goes on around him. He likes to be in the middle of it all and I think he feels abandoned when I lay him down for a nap.

We will have to work on this.

My little guy is a major Grumpified Grumpy Grump when he doesn’t nap, which makes me grumpy, which makes him even grumpier, which makes me even more grumpy, which makes him MORE grumpy… you see how it can escalate until someone in this house gets their head bitten off … and we have learned the hard way that his bad mood will bleed over into the next day if we can’t devise some sort of plan to get those baby blues to sleep. But, once he takes his nap, he wakes up just as happy and cuddly as little puppy dog.

He was in such a marvelous mood after he had his nap today. He gets really talkative and playful. When he’s well-rested, he’s very inquisitive and will paw excitedly at the different colors or logos on our shirts, play with my hair attempt to yank out my hair, or run his hands across my nose, mouth, and cheeks- and I love those times.

Well, except for the hair yanking. I’d like very much to keep my hair, but apparently Nathan thinks I would look nice with bald patches.


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