Nathan is enthralled with his Baby Einstein Exersaucer. I love the thing. I don’t see how life can exist without it. 

When I need a  break to wash some dishes, Nathan will gladly play in his exersaucer for a while… at least until he notices that Mommy isn’t nearby.

He bangs around on all the toys, spit bubbles flying from his mouth, eyes darting around happily. He loves how the seat swivels, giving him access to all the toys… and he takes his time spinning around, playing with each and every one of them. He’ll stop and examine how some of the toys move, feel the different textures, and jab at all the “sound” buttons.

I absolutely love watching him play. The first few times we put him in his exersaucer, he just the sat there, his eyes opened as wide quarters. He didn’t know what to think or do… until we took his hands and showed him how to play with the toys. Ever since then, he’s been practicing these motor skills incessantly. Sometimes his eyes catch his fist wavering in front of his face and he’ll studiously examine it, slowly turning it around and sometimes flexing his fingers.

It’s neat to watch him progress and learn how to manipulate objects with his hands (and feet.)

He will be an quite an asset when I usurp the world.



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