Nathan must be teething the past few days. I’ve noticed he’s been quite moody lately, and it seems just about any little thing will spark a tantrum.

Like diaper changes.

I don’t know what the deal is, but Nathan has decided that all diaper changes must be banished. As in, no longer allowed to be performed. Ever. By anyone. To any baby. Because now if I tell him I need to change his diaper, he throws a fit. He’ll collapse on the ground in this quivering heap of  Not Happiness. So I try to sneak the diaper changes in, but somehow,  HE KNOWS. I pick him up and without me so much as saying a word, HE KNOWS WHAT I’M ABOUT TO DO. He starts thrashing and arching and twisting and screaming. I lay him on the changing table and he does the Alligator Death Roll. Not sure why… I’ve only been changing his diaper multiple times a day FOR HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

What’s the deal?

And he wants his Mommy A LOT. He’s walking most of the time now, so he walks behind me with his little arms outstretched, whining for me. So I pick him up, and he wants down. I put him down, he wants me to pick him up. He cannot make up his mind!

You should see what it’s like when Paul gets home from work, though. See, Nathan is with me all day long, so when Paul’s home, he’s like this big treat just for Nathan. Nathan can’t get enough of his daddy, and he loves that his daddy spends a nice chunk of time playing with him when he gets home from work. If Paul has to leave Nathan’s sight, however, I have to be there to distract him or Nathan gets really upset.

Oh, the hard life of a toddler. It must be difficult being so little!