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Little Nathan’s such a big boy


I’m so glad spring is here!! It’s been a warmer-than-normal winter here in Tennessee, so everything is blooming earlier. Which I like. Because I like spring. I feel all happy and spinning-around-in-circles giddy. I also like spring because it gives me this energy after enduring the drab slump of winter. I like to get my house cleaned out (a.k.a. Spring Cleaning!) and reorganized. We live in a little house with a grand lack of storage space, so things tend to pile up and get cluttered quickly. Which drives me INSANE. Seriously, I hate clutter. It makes me feel claustrophobic and incredibly anxious. There have been times where I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about the clutter. Ironically enough, clutter in other people’s houses don’t bother me in the slightest- it’s just my own clutter that I find agitating.

I don’t see how hoarders can do it. I would go crazy!

So anyway, I’ve been taking Nathan to the park to enjoy the lovely weather, and (of course) he has a blast. He’s growing into such a little boy. We’ve been working diligently with him on speaking in complete sentences. The kid has a steel-trap memory, so he’s memorized the basic sentence we taught him which is “Mommy, may I have some more Dino Dan please?” What’s really cool is that he uses that sentence for other questions. He just switches some words out. For example, he’ll now say “Mommy, may I have some more grapes please?” It’s incredibly awesome to hear the little baby you gave birth to talking to you in a complete sentence.

He’s also really advancing in the potty-training area. He tells me when he wants a diaper change, which is great. And he also tells me when he has to go potty. But I have to be quick… I have about ten seconds to get him to his potty before he pees in his diaper.

Nathan is also flapping his little Wings of Independence. He does NOT take too kindly to being told what to do. For example, I can expect a meltdown if I just grab his hands and start wiping them when he’s done eating. But if I ask him if I may wipe his hands, he’ll say okay. Other times, if he balks at the notion, I offer to let him do it himself. Sometimes it takes a while for me to convince him to let me do something, but I’ve noticed that if I just keep asking in different ways (“May I wipe your hands please? … Will you let Mommy wipe your hands for you? … Will you wipe your hands for Mommy please?”), eventually he’ll give in and let me.

He has such strong willpower! Last night, it took me nearly five minutes to convince him to let me brush his teeth. And I bet someone out there is thinking “Forget that! I’d just MAKE him brush his teeth!” Well, that doesn’t work with my kid. Sure, I could force my will on him, but it only leads to a meltdown and will put us both in an angry mood. I think avoiding those types of strong confrontations are important when you have a spirited child. Granted, there are times when you must be confrontational, but I think it should be saved for the Really Big Things.

We’ve had to drastically cut down on naps. Remember how we were having a bear of a time getting him to stay in bed at night? Well, he would go a few days doing pretty well- but then, inevitably, he would relapse. It was driving us crazy. Well, we had one more trick up our sleeves; we cut down on his naps. So now he doesn’t nap every day anymore. He’ll still nap if he really needs one, but here lately, I’ve just been keeping him up. And at night, he falls right asleep. Go figure.

He’s also becoming sweeter and sweeter. He is constantly seeking hugs and kisses. And he loves nothing more than to sit in Mommy and Daddy’s lap, cuddling with us. I love how lovable he is! And I’m taking full advantage of it because he won’t want us to love on him forever. Before you know it, he’ll be grown. And I won’t be able to nibble on those little arms anymore.

We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful child. Granted, he can definitely be difficult and trying when he wants to be, but his sweet side more than makes up for it!


Enjoying the weather


Sitting outside together, enjoying some beautiful weather. And oh yeah. Nathan loves having his picture taken. Every time I break out the camera, he grins and says, “Say cheeeeeeeeeese!” And of course he likes to scroll through all the pictures after I’ve taken them, exclaiming “There’s Mommy! There’s Nathan!” and even occasionally kissing or hugging the screen. I love this kid.


The almost-forgotten summer pictures


Paul, Nathan, and I all went to the lake the celebrate Paul’s grandmother’s birthday with other family members. Back in July. Yeah, that’s right. It was a few months ago, and I just realized I never posted the pictures I took! That, my friends, is Mommy Brain at its best. Better late than never, right? Also, as usual, I only posted pictures of Paul, Nathan, and myself for privacy reasons.

Nathan loves being outside and doing anything outdoors. Including letting the warm sun wash over his face as he trots around with his head thrown back and his eyes closed.

He ran and ran, and then when he was done with all that running, he ran some more. He ran around the entire area, exploring everything. And he is such a boy; he loves rocks. Big rocks, little rocks, smooth rocks, jagged rocks, it doesn’t matter. He loves them all and when he sees a rock (especially larger ones), he can’t help but check it out.

He was enchanted with the height of the trees. He would run to the base of one and tilt his head as far back as his little neck would allow, admiring the height and I’m sure anticipating the day when he will actually be able to climb them.

This pose looks like he’s saying, “Now wait a minute, Mommy! You can’t tell me I can’t do something!” I’m sure he was thinking that at the time. This kid loves to test everything Paul and I say… I say don’t touch, and he looks right at me and tries to touch. Of course, we are very consistent with his discipline, so Nathan is quite aware of the consequences for bad behavior. Yet he can’t help himself. He must test. It is in his very being. Anyway, in this picture, he was actually just talking to me and waving his little hands around.

Every so often, we had to coerce Nathan into taking a break from all his running. It was warm and humid that day, and Nathan was drenched in sweat. So we laid out a picnic blanket and enticed him to chill out with some of his favorite toys. I love how Paul and Nathan are laying in similar positions.

My turn to get lovings from my boy! Since this picture was taken, I’ve lost about 12 more pounds. (You can’t really tell my size here because of the angle of the camera… plus Nathan is hiding my belly, hips, and thighs. Thankfully. I wouldn’t want to blind anyone.) Speaking of weight loss, as of right now, I am soooooo close to meeting my goal of making it to my ideal weight for my height. Only 13 more pounds to go! Once I reach that goal, I will have lost a total of 50 pounds. It’s so exciting to accomplish a goal you set for yourself… The secret? Willpower, willpower, willpower. Determination and the refusal to give up will get you anything, my friends.

Nathan also loved watching all the boats and jet-skis zooming past. When he heard the drum of a motor, he would stop what he was doing and watch intently as the boat sped past. At one point, a plane flew by overhead. The child was completely mesmerized.

It was a perfect summer day. It was humid and hot enough to remind us it was still summer, but not so much that we were all miserably roasting in our own sweat. It was a perfect day, and we all had an absolute blast.



A waterfall above our house


The other day, it was pouring rain as Nathan and I were about to leave the house. As we stepped outside on to the porch, he took a look around at the downpour and exclaimed, “WATERFALL!!!”

Of course, I couldn’t help but giggle as I imagined us living in a house floating at the base of a raging water monstrosity that pelted us with water from every angle. Can you imagine the difficulty you would encounter just to leave to run errands? You would get drenched just getting to the car. Of course, since your house would be surrounded by water, you would have to have a boat docked to your front porch. Probably a paddle boat. And as you paddled towards shore to your waiting car, you would get soaking wet. And who wants to get into their car and run errands after battling angry waterfall droplets, paddling like a madman to shore, and getting soaked the bone in the process?

I can tell already that Nathan and I are going to have so much fun with storytelling.

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