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I know, I know. The world’s smallest invisible violin is playing for me right now.


I try not to complain on here too much because I know the last thing people want to read is a bunch of whining and complaining! However, with that being said, it’s my blog and I’m totally going to whine for just a few minutes because just venting for a little bit will help me feel better.


I have far surpassed the realm of uncomfortable and entered the Land of Pain. My back throbs. It feels like there are rods of fire pulsing down either side of my back, and I’m having sporatic (not LABOR labor) contractions in my lower back. And my hips, my gosh. They feel like they’ve been hit with sledgehammers. It hurts to walk, and going up and down stairs is excruciating. I don’t have the pregnancy waddle per se this time, but with my hips & knees aching so deeply, I’m walking in slow motion these days. And my ribs! It feels like my ribs are being stretched apart and the muscle is being slowly torn from the bone, generating a burning sensation.

So with all this, it’s no surprise that I’m only getting 4-5 hours a sleep at night. I can’t lay on one side for too long before my hip and leg go numb, and in order to roll over, I have to wake up and hoist my belly over. And I get up 3- 4 times a night to pee (which really isn’t so bad… I got up 8-9 times a night to pee when I was pregnant with Nathan!)

It’s hard to do anything. Sitting in a car for any period of time is agony. By the time I arrive at my destination, I’m nearly in tears. I can’t sit for long without my back hurting, and when I stand, my ribs, hips, and knees ache as my legs tingle and go numb.

With all that being said, however, I am still faring WAY better this time around than last time! With Nathan, this level of agony began when I was around 17 weeks pregnant I believe. I remember sitting in the waiting room for his 20-week ultrasound, my eyes tearing up because the back pain was so excruciating. So I am immensely thankful that that this level of pain didn’t rear its head until I was around full-term. And I totally understand why; there is a whole, completely developed baby residing in my womb. A heavy baby. Weird hormones are raging through my body, altering everything from joint tightness to emotions to you-name-it.

But guess what? There is always a silver lining, and all this pain is for an amazing, wonderful purpose: my son. I tell ya, even with all the pain and trauma I went through with Nathan, I would do it a hundred times over just to have him. And even though I haven’t met this little man living in my belly yet, I know that every ounce of pain is something I would deal with over and over again for him. It’s just part of it and I’m so incredibly thankful that we have the opportunity to go through this. I know so many people out there would give anything for a chance to have a baby, so pregnancy itself is not something that I bemoan by any means. This is something that I would go through again and again for my children with no second thought whatsoever.

Wow, I really can’t wait to meet him. It could really be any day now. I’m 38 weeks, so it could be anywhere from now to four weeks from now. Fingers crossed that it’s sooner rather than later. But I can’t go into labor before Wednesday (tomorrow) at noon Eastern Time… I will tell you why then, but not before because I don’t want to jinx it!

I am so excited and so ready to meet this little man!


Labor, where’d you go?


I keep thinking for sure that this baby’s going to be earlier rather than later, and then nothing happens! For example, this last Monday, I had some crazy strong early labor contractions. They weren’t really regular- between 1-3 minutes apart but lasting 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes. But they were so strong that I was absolutely convinced they would turn into LABOR labor (yes, there is labor, and there is LABOR labor!) So I did all the things I normally do when in prodromal labor. Warm bath, drank water, rested, etc. The contractions would taper off and then come back full force.

So around midnight Monday night (well, technically Tuesday morning), I decided to try to sleep. I figured if they became more regular & turned into The Real Thing, I would need all the rest I could get. One of three things would happen- I would wake up & they would be the same, completely gone, or LABOR labor in which I would call my midwife. It was crazy hard to fall asleep though. I’m sure I dozed off a hundred times, only to be awakened by yet another intense contraction. Those suckers HURT, let me tell ya.

So around 3am, I finally fell asleep. I woke up at 8am and they were gone. GONE! Just a few stragglers left behind, but they were so mild that they definitely were not The Real Thing. I was so disappointed and was all like, Come back!! I’m so ready to meet this little man!! Oh well, guess he has a few more days or weeks (sigh) to ripen.

I remember the night I went into labor with Nathan, I was feeling a little crampy so I consumed an entire jar of pepperonccini’s. You’ve heard that old wives tale that spicy foods can bring on labor, right? Well, around midnight that night, after eating that whole jar, those little cramps turned into full-on contractions that only got stronger and more intense. Maybe the whole spicy thing was a coincidence because since Nathan was six days past his estimated due date, I had been eating all kinds of spicy foods but to no avail. But still. I think it makes a cool story.

And I think I just may try that again in a few days!


Lobster tales


Everyone Nathan meets falls in love with him. We like to go to one particular Red Lobster in a neighboring town. It’s a little out of the way for us, but totally worth it with the exceptional service and food. So we found a server, L,  that we just adore- she is AMAZING. And Nathan just loves her.

So one time we went, L asked me if it was okay to show Nathan a lobster when he was done eating. I said sure! So once he was done, he happily followed her out to the lobby to the lobster tank. She pulled a lobster out for him to look at, and he squealed with delight, flapping his little hands vigorously. She said he could touch the lobster if he liked, but he wasn’t exactly thrilled with that idea- he was perfectly content to gaze upon it for a distance.

When we were done looking at the lobster, he watched intently as she gently dropped him (or her?) back into the tank. He gave her a hug before happily prancing back over to the table, exclaiming over his shoulder that he got to see a lobster. And then he told me over and over again about the experience.

I can’t believe my baby is growing up- and it’s just as hard to believe we’re about to bring another one into the world! It’s getting close… we’re so excited! I’ve been prepping Nathan as best as I can for the new arrival, and we’ve even been practicing proper ways to hold the baby by using a baby doll. I’ve told Nathan his baby brother will probably cry a lot, of Nathan’s jobs is to help us figure out why. And today, Nathan came up to me and said, “When baby cries, he could be hungry or thirsty, or sleepy, or go pee pee, or need a rattle!” I also told him that he has to be a good role model for the baby. His little brother will admire him and love him so much, so Nathan needs to teach him how to mind Mommy and Daddy and how to behave really well. I want him to take his role of setting a good example seriously.

Nathan is already loving his brotherly duties. Let’s hope it lasts haha!

We still haven’t settled on a name yet. That’s proving to be much more difficult than it was with Nathan!! It may come down to waiting until the baby’s born and seeing his little face- although I’m the type of person who would much rather decide on a name beforehand. I think the anxiety of not knowing would drive me bonkers!

Ah, so much to look forward to!! I can’t wait to meet this little guy and watch my two boys grow up together!


Christmas Tree Phase III


I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner! Here’s our completed Christmas Tree… cat-proofed, that is. Meaning only a few ornaments near the bottom because our cats like to rip them off and bat them around the house with their greedy little paws.


Nathan is doing awesome with the tree. He’s allowed to look at the ornaments and even touch them as long as he doesn’t remove them. So far, so good. He’s only taken a couple of them off and tried to play with them, but after being “grounded” from touching the tree for a certain amount of time, he quickly learned.

We have just about all our shopping done. All that’s really left is wrapping. And telling you guys something really super awesome that I bet you aren’t expecting to hear.

Are you ready?

Of course you are!

Well, the good news is that Nathan is going to be a big brother!! That’s right, we’re pregnant with baby #2. I’m 18 weeks along, due around May 20th. We wanted to wait until I was out of my first trimester to announce it, and then I was afraid if I said something, I might jinx it and something bad would happen. (Pregnancy hormones for ya.) But everything is great! Baby is doing awesome, the puking has subsided drastically, and I’m finally getting some of my energy back.

Nathan is excited about being a big brother, and he apparently thinks the best way to communicate with the baby is via my belly button. Seriously, he uses it like a microphone to talk to the baby and I think it’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever. Other than newborn baby feet, that is. And baby hedgehogs. I digress.

So we have an exciting time ahead of us, and we are super excited about our new addition!

Merry Christmas from us to you!


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