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Toys R Us Presents Their Version of “Cash for Clunkers”


My husband and I don’t have any old baby items to trade in, so this doesn’t really apply to us. However, I wanted to pass along this information for any other parents out there who are looking for a great deal on baby items.

Parents trying to save money on big-ticket baby items can take part in their own Cash for Clunkers program.


Perfection is a Misperceived Notion


I really do have a perfect kid.

I do not, however, mean that literally.

I am not one of THOSE parents who thinks that their child is more perfect than GOD HIMSELF. Those people irk me. I can’t stand them. Their ramblings about how “perfect” their kids are make me homicidal. I have to fight the urge to point out all their kids’ flaws just to make a point because no one, I mean NO ONE is perfect.

Especially not kids.

Kids make mistakes, just like adults. Kids have flaws. It’s life; deal with it. When a parent boasts how “perfect” their kid is, they are sending the wrong message to their child. That poor child grows up disillusioned, more than likely as a spoiled brat, thinking they are perfect, expecting life to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Well, the world doesn’t work that way.

Life is not perfect. In the real world, nothing is ever handed to you on a silver platter. You have to work for what you want. What I mean when I say my child is perfect is that he is perfect for Paul and me.

He is the perfect addition to our little family, flaws and all.

Our goal as parents is to raise Nathan to be ready for the world when he grows up. He has to realize that he’s not a perfect human being, otherwise he will be smacked in the face by reality when he leaves his little nest. The kids who grew up thinking they were flawless and never having to work for what they want cannot handle that reality smack. I don’t want my child to be an egotistical buffoon who thinks everyone owes him. I want him to be ready for reality and mentally capable of dealing with it. That is my job- to teach him everything that I know; the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Unnecessary sheltering will only inhibit his psychological growth and leave him grossly unprepared to deal with life. Granted, some sheltering is necessary- but there is a fine line between what is necessary and what is not. Wearing rose-colored glasses and not accepting his flaws also hampers his psychological growth.

I accept him, flaws and all, and I love him even more for them.


Sleep. It Does a Baby Good.


Smiling happily after his nap

Nathan finally took his nap today. He slept for three solid hours, and so did I! I find it amazing how someone can be so tired and yet so adamantly refuse to sleep. He’ll yawn, ferociously rubbing his eyes. Then his eyes will start to shut, slowly… as if they were geared by molasses. As soon as they shut, however, it’s as if a NEON SIGN flashes behind those eyelids, complete with an obnoxious noise that jolts him from his sleep before he even gets started. He’ll wake up and start screaming indignantly, tears streaming from his face as if the worst thing that could possibly happen to him would be to fall asleep.

I can’t help but marvel at him when he acts like that.

I’m sure it’s probably because he’s afraid he’ll miss out on something important; he’s really engaged in his surroundings and notices everything that goes on around him. He likes to be in the middle of it all and I think he feels abandoned when I lay him down for a nap.

We will have to work on this.

My little guy is a major Grumpified Grumpy Grump when he doesn’t nap, which makes me grumpy, which makes him even grumpier, which makes me even more grumpy, which makes him MORE grumpy… you see how it can escalate until someone in this house gets their head bitten off … and we have learned the hard way that his bad mood will bleed over into the next day if we can’t devise some sort of plan to get those baby blues to sleep. But, once he takes his nap, he wakes up just as happy and cuddly as little puppy dog.

He was in such a marvelous mood after he had his nap today. He gets really talkative and playful. When he’s well-rested, he’s very inquisitive and will paw excitedly at the different colors or logos on our shirts, play with my hair attempt to yank out my hair, or run his hands across my nose, mouth, and cheeks- and I love those times.

Well, except for the hair yanking. I’d like very much to keep my hair, but apparently Nathan thinks I would look nice with bald patches.


Grumpified Grumpy Grump


I attempted in vain to lay Nathan down for his nap… he’s not having it, however. He has been rubbing his bleary, sleepy little eyes since he woke up this morning, protesting everything that I did with squirming and grunts of dissatisfaction.

However, he started out in a great mood this morning with a huge grin and scissor legs. We spent some time “talking” to each other for which I was rewarded with ton of happy, wet kisses. After feeding him, I put him in his exersaucer to play and that’s when he sprouted red horns.

He did not want his exersaucer. 

He rubbed his little eyes, looking at me imploringly through his tears. I picked him up and cuddled him, but that didn’t help. I was doomed. I made a mistake by putting him in the exersaucer, unaware that was not what my little dictator wanted to do. I couldn’t console him, so Paul played with him for a while. Then they sat together and watched Blue’s Clues, but that didn’t even make a difference. Nathan wanted to be a Grumpified Grumpy Grump and had absolutely no intentions on being anything else. I gave him some rice cereal, and the little guy was so tired with a full belly that he could barely hold his head up, so I laid him down for a nap.

Initially, he was content… for about two minutes… then all hell broke lose. That kid can scream like there’s no tomorrow.


He flails his pudgy little fists, chin quivering, feet kicking, socks flying off his feet like shrapnel as if I had hung him up by his ears or something. Fortunately, he’s not like this all the time. It’s usually once every few days. After today, he’ll be a sweet, happy, gurgling little angel for a few days until the cycle repeats itself. 

From one extreme to the other; that’s a baby for you.

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