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Opposite Day. I mean week. I mean month.


I think Nathan must be going through something like an Opposite Phase. He says exactly the opposite of what he means.

Me: “Nathan, you’re not minding me. Do you want time out?”

Nathan: “Yes!”

Me: “You do? You want time out?”

Nathan: “YES!”

Me: “Fine. Go to time out.”

Nathan: “Yes, Mommy! I sorry! Yes, yes timeout!” (while throwing a temper tantrum and flopping around like a fish-out-of-water on the floor)

Me: “You don’t REALLY want time out, do you? Don’t say yes unless you REALLY want time out.”

Nathan: “Yes.”

Me: “…”

The above conversation is something I deal with every day, multiple times a day. It can really be enough to drive someone crazy, especially when temper tantrums are thrown into the mix. He knows darn good and well what the word “yes” means, so I don’t know why he is using it the wrong way. Unless he’s trying to test me. That is TOTALLY Nathan. He is my little tester… constantly testing his boundaries to see exactly how much he can get away with. Unfortunately, he does not realize that Mommy is not amused (and is, in fact, the OPPOSITE of amused) at his antics.


I hate sickness


Wow, this has been such a long, stressful week. Nathan got really, really sick on Monday with a high fever that stayed between 104 and 105.3 degrees. I took him to the doctor who said he had a nasty virus and a respiratory infection. He tested negative for strep and the flu. I had never seen my poor baby so sick before… he even fell asleep in my arms at the doctor’s office, which is highly unusual for him. He had no energy and was simply miserable and nothing like his normal, happy little self. Neither Paul or I got any sleep this week because we were so worried about him, so we were constantly checking on him, monitoring his temperature, heart rate, respirations, etc. Nathan was waking up every hour or so during the night, screaming in pain. During the day, all he could do was lay on the couch and cry, barely able to move because he was hurting so bad.

Today there is some improvement, thankfully. His fever is finally gone, but he’s definitely still sick and VERY irritable.  But he is eating a little more and is finally drinking fluid on his own. (Before this, he was refusing to drink anything, and I was having to administer Pedialyte in a medicine dropper to him to prevent dehydration.)

I’m hoping that he will be better in a couple of days. In the meantime, bear with me because it’s been incredibly hard to post anything with him being so sick.


In need of a pause button


Hmmmmm. So it’s been a while since I’ve updated the look of my blog. You see, I have this sweet little elf chasing me around all day long… he’s rather charming and quite endearing, and I’m totally addicted to him, so he gets all of my time and attention. I don’t mind it at all, but it means that I am forever behind on the housework and other things I need to get done!

Well, I actually MADE time and am now working on an upgrade for my blog. New look and stuff. I think y’all will like it.

Not sure when I’ll actually get around to FINISHING it and getting it all up and running. A pause button would be nice. You know, that way I can just pause life… not miss a moment of my son’s time but still be able to get everything done that needs to be done. (I’m not the only parent with this having-very-little-if-any-free-time dilemma, am I?) Plus, a pause button would be nice during Nathan’s super cute days. The days when he’s all “I love you, Mommy!” and cuddly and stuff. Except for his impish days… I’m not particularly fond of them!

Speaking of impish, my poor child is mildly sick today. Thankfully, it’s mild though. It seems like every time I get him around other kids, HE GETS SICK. Church, playgrounds, play dates… it’s enough to drive a parent insane. You know, when we went up to Michigan a couple weeks ago, I was very careful to clean the tables, booster seats, etc with my handy Lysol wipes. I kept his hands sanitized and was ever vigilant about those pesky germs. And even with all that travelling, he did not get sick.


That’s right. On the way home to Tennessee, I turned around and my child had his tongue firmly planted on the bottom of his shoe. The very same shoes he wore into BATHROOMS and walked on HOTEL FLOORS with. When I saw he was licking the bottom of his shoe, I shooed him away from it and said shoes were yucky and not meant to be licked.

He left a tongue-print on the bottom of his shoe that took forever to dry. Not that I care about saliva drying time, but the point is that he was totally NOM NOMing all over his shoe, to the point that I am convinced he salivated more than normal. Hence, the long-lasting tongue print.

So anyway, even after all that, my child did not get sick.

HE DIDN’T GET SICK FROM FLOOR GERMS. Nasty, yucky, bottom-of-shoe germs.

But I take him to church on Sunday, and he’s around other kids and WHAM. Kids are so gross sometimes and I truly wish their parents would keep an actively sick child away from other children. (I totally get that sometimes one can be contagious before showing any symptoms of being sick. That can’t be helped. But what CAN be helped is KEEPING your OBVIOUSLY sick child HOME!)

I volunteered to work in the church nursery occasionally. I haven’t started yet… and I’m worried how I will react when parents drop of a child who is hacking all over the place, spreading their sick sneezing mucus throughout the room. I guess I will just have to cross that bridge when I get there… and pray God gives me the grace to handle the situation proactively yet with discretion!


More food dilemmas


Last night, I took a bite of Nathan’s dinner as I was making it for him. It was one of those microwavable meals made for toddlers. Much to my chagrin, it went down the wrong pipe and I started coughing.

“Naaaaaaaaaaasty!” said Nathan as I coughed loudly.

“Why’s that nasty?” I sputtered in between coughs.

“It yuck yuck!” he responded.

Needless to say, he did not eat his dinner that night. In fact, his refusal to eat was accompanied by indignant howls and back arching.  It took an hour just to get him to eat half of it. NO KIDDING. I guess that I won’t be making him that meal again any time soon. That, and I will try not to choke in front of him anymore. He’s never been particularly fond of those toddler meals, and I guess in his mind, me choking on it meant I didn’t like it either!

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