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Nathan’s First Birthday!


Well, we celebrated Nathan’s birthday this weekend! I still can’t believe my baby is no longer considered an infant. He’s a officially a KID now. With opinions. And attitudes to go with those opinions. But it’s funny because when I look at him, I still see my little baby. Never mind he’s not 100% dependant and no longer drinking out of a bottle. I mean, how can he not still be a baby? It’s only been a year. It was only a short year ago that he inhaled his first breath. So how can he have possibly grown so much in such a short period of time? He’s still my baby and I have a funny feeling HE ALWAYS WILL BE. I’m afraid to blink. Time is passing me by.

Speaking of growing up, guess what Nathan did on his birthday!


Before now, he would attempt to pull himself up but would only make it halfway before plopping back down with a thud. But he did it, he pulled himself up into the standing position!

He only just started crawling not even two weeks ago. I wonder how soon it will be before he takes his first steps and starts cruising on the furniture.

So here’s some super cute pictures of his very first birthday for you to enjoy.

About to unwrap one of his gifts


Look at what I did!


I don’t know what this is, Mommy, but it looks fun!
(It’s a ride-on and walk-behind dump truck toy)


Not sure what to think about his miniature birthday cake and the well-out-of-reach candle


But he definitely didn’t like when we blew it out


Paul gave Nathan a bite, hoping he would like it enough to eat it


But Nathan did not like the cake.

So Nathan still isn’t big on “people food” yet. He still likes his food pureed, so we weren’t all that surprised when he didn’t like his birthday cake. Which is why we gave him a small bite to start off with. But Nathan still let us know in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t happy with our trickery.


But even with a few tears here and there, his first birthday was a lot of fun. Well, Nathan had no idea what all the fuss was about, but all the adults really enjoyed it.

There’s always next year for the Messy Cake Picture, right?




34 Days Old, back when he loved his paci.
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Mommy Brain


They call it Mommy Brain.

It happens once you have a baby. Something happens to your brain. I don’t know if the lack of sleep mixed with raging hormones causes the brain to… oh I don’t know, EAT ITSELF… or what, but something happens and you start to do things.

Weird things.

Nonsensical things.

BIZARRE things.

Like leaving the house with mascara on only one eye. (ONE EYE!) Or losing your keys and later discovering them in the freezer. Or putting the milk in the cabinet instead of the refrigerator.

Yes, I have done all of those.

Well, I totally have a case of Mommy Brain since Nathan was born. Have you ever heard the saying so-and-so would forget her head if it wasn’t attached

Well, guys. I AM SO-AND-SO.

I am THAT person who would totally forget her head. Thank GOD they aren’t detachable, right?

I mentioned before that my OCD has malfunctioned. Yes, I used to be that person who always had everything all nice and neat and perfect. Everything was exactly where it should be. Things didn’t get misplaced all too often.

But now, Mommy Brain has taken over. Ever since Nathan was born, I’ve been so very forgetful and… I think you could even say SCATTERBRAINED.

Just the other day, my husband made a pot of coffee. Now, I love coffee even though I rarely drink it. Paul makes a his own blend at the store, and let me tell you, it is FABULOUS with some whipped cream and chocolate syrup. WATCH OUT, STARBUCKS.

So anyway, Paul made coffee the other day and it smelled so good that I could have eaten the AIR. I raced to the kitchen and poured myself a generous cup of coffee, complete with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I retreated into the living room to enjoy my treat when Paul was all like, baby, what’d you do with the pot of coffee? And I was like, it’s right there in the COFFEE MAKER, duh (complete with a know-it-all lilt.) He was like, no it’s not- oh wait. There it is, on the stove eye. THE STOVE EYE. You put the coffee on the STOVE EYE.

I’m sure, my friends, I will have many more of these stories to come.


It’s Like Pacman…


…only in human form.

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