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Some of the icicles that formed along our gutters on Saturday night from the snow melt.


The Saddest Snow Angel Ever


Well, guys, as you know from this post and this post, we’ve been anticipating some snow here in Tennessee this weekend. The entire state was under a Winter Storm Warning, and after years of snowless boredom, we finally got hit with enough snow to actually PLAY in. This was the view from our front porch when we woke up this morning.

And we played a lot. And yes, I made a snow angel… but this time (unlike the snow angel I made on my visit to Wisconsin), I think I made The Saddest Snow Angel Ever.

It was a mess. I couldn’t even tell what it’s supposed to be. It looked like a body with strange appendages instead of a graceful snow angel. I think the ice underneath the snow made it impossible to successfully make a pretty snow angel… Plus the size of my ass didn’t exactly help when I tried to gracefully get up from my creation.

Because it was so NOT graceful.

I kept losing my balance and falling backwards. By the time I finally made it to standing position, my snow angel was ruined. So Paul and I decided to have some fun sledding instead. We plopped Nathan down in the sno-tube and gently scooted him across a flat surface. At first, he just kinda gazed around, trying to figure out what all the white stuff was about. And why this was what Mommy and Daddy called “fun.” But then he started to enjoy himself.

Since it hasn’t snowed around here in ages, of course we had no snow-worthy clothes to play in. Nathan had a couple pairs of socks on his hands and about five layers of clothes, including two coats. (Paul and I wore what we were able to find hibernating in the dark recesses of the closet). Next stop: a gentle hill. This time with Daddy.

At the top of a small hill

That was fun, Daddy!

Mommy’s turn!

I’d like to do that again, please!

Time to take Nathan inside

Shortly after the above picture was taken, Nathan decided to scream. Not the crying scream, like what an itty bitty baby does. He wasn’t crying at all… just screaming the kind of scream an angry soul devouring banshee toddler emits. It was this shrill, ear-piercing attention-getting scream that says, “Hey! You! I’M TALKING TO YOU! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” .

Oh shit. My little baby boy is turning into a toddler. A TODDLER. That means there is going to be screaming and temper tantrums and biting and messes… but at least there will be meaty little feet for me to eat and chubby little cheeks for me to kiss.

So we took him inside and I wrapped him snugly up inside a blanket. He stopped screaming as he contemplated whether or not he liked his first snow experience.

But after a few minutes, he smiled really big and started bouncing up and down like a cheery little elf. I don’t know whether he liked his first experience with snow… but at least he didn’t seem to hate it.

So it was an awesome day… It was great playing with Nathan, showing him his first snow, and watching him absorb the entire experience. And I had a ton of fun playing like a kid again.

Even though I made the Saddest Snow Angel Ever.


It Has Begun!


Remember yesterday how I posted that the weather was forecasted to bring some dearly-missed snow to the state of Tennessee? (Click here to read about it). Well, guess what?


As of 7:00 this evening.

So far, grassy surfaces have about an inch or so, and the snow has started laying on the roads.

Totally cool.

Well, unless you live up north.  Then you probably think it’s really silly to get all excited and stuff over some snow.

But since we hardly ever get snow here in Tennessee, I get pretty excited over flurries. And I’m not the only one. In this area, people even drive slowly in mere ANTICIPATION of snow.

You read that correctly.

There can be not a single flake in the sky, but if snow is predicted… merely predicted… almost everyone starts driving really, really slowly.


So anyway, this winter storm thing is pretty cool. Paul and I have been watching the accumulation and bantering back and forth as to how much we’ll get. He thinks 4-6 inches. I’m thinking 6+.

It looks like I’m going to be able to make some snow angels after all!


An Impending Snow Storm



Yes!! YES!! The weather forecast has the ENTIRE STATE OF TENNESSEE under a Winter Storm Warning for this weekend! As you guys now know because of the post I wrote the last time it snowed here (a rather L-A-M-E snow, might I add) I love, love, love the snow! Even the lames ones!

And I love making snow angels!

Ok, it’s a little more than just love. It’s like a compulsion. A good one, though. Not a bad one, like having a compulsion to eat Super-sized Fries or a whole box of chocolates in 10 minutes.  And I only want to make snow angels when the snow is actually deep enough to prevent grit and gravel from EMBEDDING ITSELF INTO MY SKIN.

So this weekend, they are calling for TONS of snow! Ok, maybe not like this but around here, just a three-inch accumulation is a Pretty Big Deal.

I’ll be happy with just three inches.

I’d be even happier with six inches of snow, but I don’t want to push my luck.

Because I don’t know about everywhere else, but our weather forecasts around here kinda suck. Because EVERY SINGLE TIME they predict snow, IT NEVER SNOWS. Or it’ll snow with little to no accumulation. The city will send out salt trucks, schools will close in anticipation of icy roads, every single grocery store within a 50 mile radius of predicted snow will be COMPLETELY DEPLETED of milk, eggs, and bread… and children will stare hopefully out of their windows while wiping away the condensation of their breath off the glass, praying for accumulation at every little flake that flutters down from the bloated clouds…

But the accumulation never happens. 

And it’s been like this for years. Years!! It used to snow all the time when I was a kid. But now? Not so much.

So it’s looking like we’ll either get a bunch of wet slush or a pretty decent accumulation this weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed, guys! (For a nice accumulation…not the wet slush).

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