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Christmas Tree… Phase II


I’ve been sick the past few days, so I got delayed putting this post up. Have I ever mentioned how I HATE being sick? I feel much better now except for this perisistant cough that’s driving me crazy. I’m coughing so hard that I’m choking and throwing up… not fun!!

So anyway, here’s Phase II of our Christmas Tree decoration. (As I mentioned before, we pretty much have to set up oour Christmas decorations in phases with Mr. Nathan running around… it’s nearly impossible to get it all done in one day any more!) Nathan was completely ecstatic when we lit up the tree; his reaction was awesome. He crouched down and ran in circles around the tree, happily exclaiming that the lights were on.




Christmas Tree… Phase I


The Christmas Tree is finally up. It’s bare- no lights or ornaments decorating it yet, but at least it’s up! Funny how much things change when you have a kid, especially a mobile one. Back before the Days of Mobile Nathan, we could haul the tree out, assemble it, light it, and decorate it on one fel swoop. It took a few hours but everything was accomplished in one day. Now? Now we do things in increments because there is a certain running around who has a penchant for making things a tad difficult. But that’s ok; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So anyway, we assesmbled the tree after Nathan had gone to bed. That way he could be surprised when he woke up in the morning. And he sure was! When he ran into the living room the following morning, his entire face lit up the moment he saw the tree. He didn’t care that it was bare- it’s still a Christmas Tree, after all, and he was delighted to have it there waiting for him.


And he can’t help himself. He has already started digging around in the branches, leaving telltale clues of his mischief.  He’s going to love helping put the ornaments on! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that he can refrain from removing them and secretly playing with them this year!


The New Year is here!


I hope everyone had a happy New Year!

Regretfully, I did not. But only because I had food poisoning from (I’m pretty sure) some gravy I ate for lunch on New Year’s Eve. I started feeling queasy 3-4 hours after I ate it… and then about 8 hours after consumption, it hit full force. I had waves of chills hitting me every 15 seconds, nausea, and my whole body hurt. My joints and muscles ached, and anything touching my skin caused pain, even laying in bed. I was lightheaded and dizzy and (of course) completely lost my appetite. I only threw up one time, but it was so violent that I couldn’t breathe and it felt like someone sucker-punched me in my sternum. It started around 9:00 on Saturday evening. The worst was over by 24 hours, but I had some lingering symptoms that lasted an additional 24 hours after that. So I was sick New Year’s Eve and all day New Year’s Day. Let me tell you, it was NOT a good way to bring in the new year!

But there is always a silver lining.

While I was laid up in bed, I was able to get caught up on a lot of stuff I was behind on (like emails) from my… NEW PHONE! That’s right, I totally upgraded from my old (like, REALLY old) RAZR to a smartphone. This one in particular. My husband got it for me for Christmas, and I love it! There’s a huge difference going from a “dumbphone” that can’t do anything to a smartphone. I can’t believe all the things I can do from it… it’s like having a hand-held computer! And the slide-out keyboard is great. It also has a virtual on-screen keyboard, but I totally prefer the slide-out one. It’s much easier to type with. I’m totally addicted to it now… it’s SO much easier to check the news, emails, and even Facebook from the convenience of my phone. It’s MEGA AWESOME!

So anyway, my poor husband had to bring in the New Year all by himself. I’m just thankful to be finally feeling like my old self again. Everything here is getting back to normal after the Holidays. Paul has returned to work after a 2-week vacation. We had a wonderful time!! It was awesome having him home for so long, and I miss him when he’s not here. But on the bright side, I can finally get caught up on the housework! Christmas came and pooped everywhere… my house is still a mess! New toys scattered everywhere… Christmas decorations still out… boxes strewn throughout the rooms… counter tops cluttered… refrigerator stuffed full of leftovers… It comes with the territory and it was totally worth it! I had an AWESOME Christmas this year so I’m not complaining.

I am hoping to get the Christmas post written in the next few days. In the meantime, check out the picture.

It’s a new book Nathan got for Christmas. It didn’t take him long to scribble in it. I can’t turn my head for a second around here without him coloring on something or making big messes! Oh life with a toddler. But it’s a life I wouldn’t trade for anything!


Christmas is near!! Yay!


I totally and completely suck at blogging during the month of December.  So to make up for it, here is a really cute picture of Nathan in a Santa hat.

Now don’t you feel better? Good.

So besides me being a lousy blogger during the Christmas season, everything here is going pretty much as planned. We have all of our shopping done and most of the presents wrapped… Paul has been off work for the past week, so we’ve really been enjoying that as well. Nathan is amped up and totally ready for Christmas.

Last weekend, Paul and I took Nathan to the mall with us. We arrived before 9am, so the crowds were light. All the stores were playing Christmas music, and Nathan sang along! “Jingle Bells” and “Oh Christmas Tree” are two of his favorites. He got to see Santa while we were at the mall, although we didn’t stand in line and get a picture taken. Maybe next year when Nathan is ready.

My house is a total wreck right now. I’ve been so busy with all this Christmas stuff that my housework has gotten behind. Hell, I can’t even keep up with the dirty clothes. So as much as I am looking forward to Christmas, I am also looking forward to it being over so I can finally get some things DONE around here.

So I just wanted to pop in and let y’all know that all is good here… we haven’t dropped off the face of the earth or successfully cloned an army of ourselves. (Because who would be interested in blogging after you clone an ENTIRE ARMY of yourself!) And don’t worry- my blogging will pick up again after the Holidays are over and we get back into the swing of things. In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying the season (no matter what you may celebrate) and I will still be posting now that I’ve gotten the big stressors (such as present-buying and wrapping) out of the way.

Now to break out the mop…


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