Brotherly Love

I love these kids!


John is finally loving his solid foods! Right now, we just have him on rice cereal. Soon, we’ll start with green vegetables, then orange and yellow veggies, and then fruits (the order of solids was recommended by the kids’ pediatrician.) He’s getting to be such a big boy! He’s able to sit up mostly by himself with little assistance. He still toppes over occasionally, but he’s doing great! He’s also trying REALLY hard to talk. Just the other morning, I swear I heard him say “Ma ma ma ma” when he was ready to get up. And we’ve also heard him say “da da da” a few times! Wow! It’s hard to believe just (almost) six months ago, he was this tiny little newborn. And now he’s getting so big. It’s amazing how quickly time flies.

Every day, just when I think Nathan can’t be any better with his big brother abilities, he surprises me. He is AMAZING with John. When the baby cries, Nathan will bring him toys and play with him. He’ll rub John’s little head and tell him everything is going to be ok. And John gazes at Nathan with wide eyes filled to the brim with adoration. You can practically see the love beaming out of John’s face. It’s precious!

Nathan loves to help carry John from point A to point B (with our help, of course. Nathan’s not tried to pick him up unassisted since that one time he dropped John.) So a couple days ago, I helped Nathan carry John to the jumper that Nathan used when he was a baby. John had sat in it a few times, but didn’t try to jump and so just ended up getting fussy. So Nathan helped me set the baby in the jumper, and I walked into the kitchen for a few minutes. I peeked around the corner and saw Nathan teaching his brother how to jump in it! John was squealing with delight as Nathan raised the bouncy up and down. When Nathan let go, John jumped with his own two legs. What a sight to see, watching my older son teach my younger son something new!

I hope these two have a great bond and are best friends for life. I LOVE having a brother. I don’t know what I would do without him. My brother and I have such a strong bond, and it is my hope that my kids bond like my brother and I did. Of course there will be arguments and fights, especially when they are kids, but I hope that as adults, they will remain close.

My heart is so happy!


Busy boys


I’m still sick, and although John caught it too, he seems to have fared the best out of us all (even though he’s the littlest. Must be the breastfeeding?) I was a little worse for the wear today with nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. Nathan didn’t seem to get the clogged nose, stopped-up ears, or cough that’s plaguing me. Oh the joys of parenthood! I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. It just goes with the territory when you have kids- you catch their sicknesses.

My mother-in-law picked Nathan up from school today and took him to a museum, a park, and had a picnic lunch with him so that I could get some rest since I wasn’t feeling so well. He had so much fun, and even though he was really tired, he was really pretty good for the rest of the evening. And he came home with a new battery-operated train with tracks! He loves trains, so he spent a lot of the evening playing with his new train. He likes watching it go round and round. We even took the baby in Nathan’s room to he could get in on the fun! And while John was in there, I got him to sit up unassisted for about four seconds! I can’t believe how quickly they’re both growing.

I love my family!


Big brother’s tall tales


It has begun.

Nathan tried to get John in trouble.

See, our toilet seat falls back down whenever Nathan tries to raise it so he can pee. Because of that, he’s just started leaving it down. Unfortunately, he will sometimes get pee on the toilet seat.

I went there to use the restroom, and when I stood up, I realized I had sat in pee. After getting myself and the toilet seat cleaned up, I told Nathan he needs to pay more attention when he pees to make sure all his pee goes in the toilet and not on the seat.

“Nathan didn’t pee on the seat,” he told me.

“Oh really?” I said.

“No, it wasn’t Nathan, it was baby brother.”


“Baby brother went into the bathroom, took off his diaper, and peed all over the potty and everywhere,” Nathan said with a straight face.

Who knew my seven-week-old baby was so precocious?


Doting big brother


Nathan adores his little brother and asks to hold him at every opportunity. I absolutely love watching this bond develop!



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