Archive for October 7, 2011

Me and my boy


Nathan and I hanging out together the other day. I love this kid more than anything!

After I smothered him with a few kisses… which he totally loved!


Loving the weather around here lately!


The past few days have been absolutely lovely here in East Tennessee!! The weather has gotten cooler… but not too cold. Chilly enough to don fuzzy socks and long-sleeves at night, but not too cold to roll down your windows and enjoy the refreshing autumn air during the day. There are some things about East Tennessee I don’t like, such as the thickly humid summers, but there are overwhelmingly more things about East Tennessee that I love, including Spring and Fall. And sweet tea. Although I know that Tennessee is not the only state to serve that sugary goodness. (Any time I visit somewhere up North, I am agonizingly aware of the lack of sweet tea!)

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