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Dancing on a book




Opposite Day. I mean week. I mean month.


I think Nathan must be going through something like an Opposite Phase. He says exactly the opposite of what he means.

Me: “Nathan, you’re not minding me. Do you want time out?”

Nathan: “Yes!”

Me: “You do? You want time out?”

Nathan: “YES!”

Me: “Fine. Go to time out.”

Nathan: “Yes, Mommy! I sorry! Yes, yes timeout!” (while throwing a temper tantrum and flopping around like a fish-out-of-water on the floor)

Me: “You don’t REALLY want time out, do you? Don’t say yes unless you REALLY want time out.”

Nathan: “Yes.”

Me: “…”

The above conversation is something I deal with every day, multiple times a day. It can really be enough to drive someone crazy, especially when temper tantrums are thrown into the mix. He knows darn good and well what the word “yes” means, so I don’t know why he is using it the wrong way. Unless he’s trying to test me. That is TOTALLY Nathan. He is my little tester… constantly testing his boundaries to see exactly how much he can get away with. Unfortunately, he does not realize that Mommy is not amused (and is, in fact, the OPPOSITE of amused) at his antics.


Getting Underfoot


Why is it whenever you are busy doing something (such as making lunch), children have this inexplicable desire to stand RIGHT behind you in the exact spot where you can’t see them, causing you to trip over them, bump into them, or accidentally knock them down as you bustle about the room? Nathan has this bad habit of getting “under foot” as my mom used to say, and it’s driving me nuts. It’s like he somehow knows EXACTLY where to stand to be EXACTLY in my way. I know it’s completely unintentional, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating!


Excuse me, sir, can I see your driver’s license?



Nathan is already wanting to drive Daddy’s car. I tell him to slow his roll… he’s still got 14 more years to go! At the age of two, he already loves fast cars and fighter jets. Because of this, I am not exactly eagerly awaiting the arrival of his teenage years…

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