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A converstation with a 21-month old


Me: “What’s wrong, Nathan?”

Nathan: “Ga go bye bye.”

Me: “You gotta go bye bye? Where are you gonna go bye bye to?”

Nathan: “Dada.”

Me: “You want to see Daddy?”

Nathan: “Quack quack.”

Me: “…”




Yesterday, I left Paul and Nathan at home when I went to church because Paul was sick and I was worried that although Nathan was not sick and showing no symptoms, he could be incubating the illness and possibly be infectious.

I thought that was the proper thing to do. I didn’t want to risk getting other children sick or any elderly people.

So after the service, I popped my head into the nursery where I normally take Nathan (can you imagine that? My head just magically popping into existence out of thin air?) to say hello to the lady who runs the nursery. She’s such a sweetheart and really likes Nathan. I told her that although Nathan wasn’t sick, Paul and I had been pretty sick with a stomach bug and I didn’t want to risk bringing him to church and getting anyone else sick since you can sometimes be contagious before you show symptoms. I know that’s the case with the flu, anyway. So she told me she appreciated my thoughtfulness and then mentioned that it was a good thing I didn’t bring Nathan anyway because one of the boys there had a really sore throat and was very sick.

I looked at the little boy she was referring to, and he was as pale as a sheet and the poor little guy just looked completely miserable.

I was a little stunned. And offended. Not at her, but at the parents who brought their SICK CHILD TO CHURCH.

Why? WHY? WHY would you bring an actively sick child to church? I’m having problems wrapping my head around that. Seriously, it takes a deep level of self-centerednessto do that. You have to be so focused on what YOU want that you completely disregard the health and wellbeing of others. I was (and obviously still am) pretty mad about that. I think it’s unacceptable to subject other children (who, as we all know, don’t have great immune systems) to a very sick child’s illness. It’s pretty screwed up that some people are so self-absorbed that they cannot see that the universe doesn’t revolve around them and that their actions have an impact on others. I mean, runny noses are one thing (and unavoidable with kids), but a REALLY SICK KID with a sore throat? That is completely unacceptable.

Seriously. I can’t believe people actually think it’s ok to do this. I think it’s so rude, thoughtless, and disrespectful.


Thanksgiving Day fun


Paul and I both kicked that nasty stomach bug in the butt, y’all. I started feeling like myself again on Saturday, just as Paul came down with what I had… just in time for me to take over caring for Nathan so he could recuperate.

SO! Now that it’s all said and done, DAMN it feels good to feel good!

As for Nathan, I am praying that he doesn’t catch it. He’s feeling sick today with a fever of over 101, but he has no vomiting (yet)… Please keep your collective fingers crossed that he can fight off whatever bug he has because let me tell ya, a sick toddler ain’t a walk in the park.

And, as promised, here are the seriously cute pictures I took of Nathan on Thanksgiving. He was running around like a crazy little rodent, so snapping the pics was a bit difficult, to say the least. But hey, he enjoyed himself! (You should be able to hold your mouse over the pictures to read the captions.)


Blah times two


So apparently, it’s not just an ulcer that I have. Last night after I posted that I wasn’t feeling well, I got really sick. As in my head started spinning, I felt lightheaded, couldn’t keep anything down, and I had the chills. Apparently, I picked up a stomach bug somewhere. I’m still feeling pretty sick, and now Paul’s really sick, too.

I have spent the better part of the day laying down to no avail. I really, really hope that Nathan doesn’t catch this.

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