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Nathan’s First Christmas Part II


Yesterday, I talked some about Nathan’s First Christmas and the fun Nathan had playing with the television’s remote control. But today is all about Nathan opening his first presents. Well, actually, he was only able to open one present. He was in the middle of opening his second present when he had a total meltdown and we had to put him down for a nap.

So anyway, the present-opening ritual went great at first. Nathan and I smiled for the camera because, of course, you have to have pictures of you with your child(ren) on Christmas.

Then I took a rare picture of Nathan and my husband. Paul generally doesn’t like to have his picture taken, much to my dismay because, well, I’m a little Camera Happy at times.

Then, I introduced one of Nathan’s presents to him. He wasn’t sure what to think, but he was totally diggin’ the colorful wrapping paper.

I tore a hole in the paper and put his hand in it, encouraging him to unwrap it himself.

He was curious about this new tradition… the tradition of Ripping Things. But he wasn’t really sure if it was truly okay to just rip something. So I helped him.

Just a little.

When we finally extracted the present from it’s cocoon of festive paper, Nathan took a close look at the box and, yes, HE THREW UP HIS HANDS IN EXUBERANCE. It was a Nathan-sized laptop! I don’t know if he was excited about the new toy or the box. He loves playing with boxes.

He couldn’t believe his good luck. How did he manage to score something so cool without having to do anything for it?

He spent the next few minutes exploring the box, running his little hands along the edges and not quite sure where to go from there. So we took the toy out of the box and handed it to Nathan to play with.

He didn’t just play with it, though. He kept picking it up, turning it over in his hands and thoroughly exploring every aspect of it. He gently touched the screws holding the toy together. He studied the different designs engraved in the plastic. He opened and closed the lid, a quizzical look glued on his face when a childish voice said “bye bye” from the speakers.

But now it was time to open a present labeled “To Paul and Nathan” from Paul’s dad. Paul laid down on the floor with Nathan and showed him who the present was from.

Nathan intently watched his daddy rip off little pieces of the present.

But then, Nathan had a meltdown.


He was like an engine that had been running smoothly suddenly starting to smoke and sputter. He randomly threw a tantrum, signifying the present-opening was to be halted so he could nap.

And he napped very well, indeed. I’m sure he dreamed of Nathan-sized laptops, disembodied sing-song childish voices wishing him farewell, and shredded festive wrapping paper wafting in the air.

It was a glorious Christmas, my friends.


Nathan’s First Christmas Part I


So this story will be told in two parts. The first part covers what happened right before we showed Nathan how to open the presents. The second part covers him actually opening his presents and taking part in his very first Christmas.

We took a ton of pictures of him sitting in front of the tree (which, by the way, thanks to our cats with their Go-Go-Gadget-Arms (click here to read the catnip story), we couldn’t have any ornaments dangling on the lower branches.

When we got up Christmas morning, I put Nathan in a Christmas-themed onesie and plopped him down in front of the tree for some pictures. He wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about and his boredom became quite obvious. He kept looking at me like I was a total goon for sitting him in front of a tree with no ornaments on the bottom part.

So I did what any good mother would do to brighten her child’s day.


You know, the remote that is coated with germs. The remote that is off-limits to little baby teeth and slobbery fingers that go straight to baby’s mouth. Of course, I sanitized it before handing it over because I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF.

At first, Nathan was a little confused as to why I handed him this Mysterious Gadget.

He slowly ran his little hands over the remote, turning it over and over in his hands. At first, he wasn’t quite sure why I handed him something that was usually off limits.

Then, once he realized that I had handed him the remote on purpose and he could play with it all he wanted, he became a happy Nathan.

So happy, in fact, that he couldn’t stop laughing.

To him, holding the remote was WAY COOLER than opening those presents. Who cares about the Ultimate Coolness residing under all that colorful wrapping paper? To him, nothing could possibly compare to playing with the remote.

In fact, he was so excited that he somehow managed to fling the remote out of his death grip. He strained like there was no tomorrow in an effort to retrieve this new-found awesomeness.

Got it!

He raised the remote triumphantly in front of his face, looking as happy as a clam with his trophy back in his hands. I imagined if he could speak, he would be all like, Look Mom! All by myself!

He wasn’t interested in his presents and wanted to play only with the remote, but we couldn’t let that happen. It was his first Christmas and I was ARMED WITH A CAMERA. I was going to take pictures! Of shredded wrapping paper! And big, toothy grins!

I started making funny faces and he dropped the remote into his lap, temporarily forgetting about it as I started hauling the colorful presents out from under the tree.

He decided that unwrapping presents is way cooler than playing with the remote after all!

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