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Heartburn or hotburn?


As Nathan and I were driving past a Home Depot today, he saw they had one of those giant outdoor-event type tents set up outside. He insisted we go over there so we could go trick or treating. I explained to him that Halloween is only once a year and no one trick or treats once it’s over. After becoming quite upset with me because he thought I was keeping him from a final round of trick-or-treating, he finally calmed down and asked what the tent was for. I told him it was more than likely to provide shade for some outdoor event.

“So people don’t get hotburn?” he asked.

“Heartburn? No, you can’t get heartburn that way,” I replied.

“How do you get hotburn?”

“Heartburn is when you eat something that your tummy doesn’t like and it kinda burns.”

“Can I see a picture of your burned heart?”

“Ha ha! No I don’t mean my heart actually gets burned. Heartburn is more like a stinging, burning feeling in your tummy or throat. It doesn’t actually burn your heart.”

“No, hotburn is when the sun shines through the trees and there’s not enough shade. Then you get hotburn.”

“HOTburn? Nathan, you’re awesome.”

I’ve been laughing most of the day after this conversation. Nathan thought heartburn was called hotburn, with a totally different meaning. Bless him. I love this age and all hilarious conversations we have!



Nathans current topic of interest


Yesterday, Nathan and I went to get our flu vaccines. While we were at the clinic in the room with the nurse filling out paperwork, Nathan started telling her all about… my womb. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, my womb was up for discussion.

See, when I was pregnant with John, Nathan was very curious as to where the baby lived and how he fit in there. So I explained to him that the baby lived in my womb; a protective little enclosure that kept him safe all the way up until he was born. I didn’t call it a uterus because Nathan’s the type who will go up to complete strangers and talk nonstop about something. Calling it a womb just seems to make more sense at this time.

So anyway, while we were there, Nathan stood right by the nurse and told her all about his brother and my womb.

Nathan: Doctor?

Nurse: Yes, Nathan?

Nathan: What’s a womb?

Nurse: A what?

Nathan: A womb. Where baby brother grew.

Nurse: Oh you have a little brother? What’s his name?

Nathan: Yeah his name is John & he’s little. Can I draw you a picture of Mommy’s womb?

Nurse: Sure, here’s some crayons… and here’s some paper.

Nathan: Hey Doctor?

Nurse: Yes?

Nathan: I’m going to draw a picture of Mommy’s womb now. It’s really, really, really big! So baby brother can live in it!

And with that, Nathan proceeded to draw a picture of my uterus. The whole time he’s mumbling about wombs and babies, and I’m desperately trying to refrain from busting out laughing. When he was done, he proudly showed me & the nurse his drawing. Apparently, my uterus is oblong and full of blue, green, & yellow scribbles. Who knew?


Age is just a number



Nathan: Mom, how old are you?

Me: I’m 32.

Nathan: Thirty two years new?

Me: Yes. That’s exactly right.

Nathan: So are your bones old or new?

Me: My bones are medium.

Nathan: …


A little impatient…


Nathan: (said to my pregnant belly) Okay baby brother, you can come out now!! We’re waiting for you! (Pause) It’s not working, Mommy…

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