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Enjoying one of his books




Sir Reads-a-Lot


As we all know, Nathan loves to read his books. The poor kid will go through great lengths to sneak behind the rocking chair in his room to he can get into his stash of books on the bookcase. Then he will sit quietly and “read” each of his books multiple times. He doesn’t touch anything else on the shelves. Just his books.

So sometimes I’ll let Nathan play with his books when I can supervise him. (If I let him play with them unsupervised, he totally mauls them into lumps of chewed up, spineless shreds of cardboard, mere remnants of their former glorious selves.) 

Notice Turbo on the other side of the gate. On any given day, whenever I have Nathan in his room, you can count on Turbo sitting patiently in that spot, diligently trying to look as disinterested and unconcerned as feline-ly possible. But that cat, for some crazy ass reason, loves Nathan. And he sits there, biding his time until the fur-yanking and tail-pulling can commence. YOU NEVER LEARN, DO YOU, TURBO? You never learn.


For the love of books


In Nathan’s room, we keep the bookshelf sequestered behind a Rubbermaid tub and Paul’s great-great-grandmother’s rocking chair so that Nathan doesn’t try to climb the bookshelf or inadvertently pull it down on top of himself. We place the rocking chair in front of the bookshelf and tie a string from the doorknob to the handle of the chair so Nathan can’t slam the door (which he loves to do!) and the Rubbermaid tub is there to prevent him from crawling behind the rocking chair.

The very bottom shelf of the bookcase houses some stuffed animals that used to belong to me and Paul, and the shelf above that holds some of Nathan’s books.

Nathan loves his books. LOVES them. To the point that I read him multiple books multiple times a day, and he STILL cries when I finish each one.

Well Nathan, being the tester of boundaries that he is, wasn’t going to let an old rocking chair and a silly Rubbermaid tub cramp his style. No, sir. So what did the benevolent little dictator do? Why, he mustered all his strength and somehow managed to pull the rocking chair away from the door, still tethered to the doorknob, and made a beeline for the shelf with all the stuffed animals and his books.

That kids loves his books.

He got a couple stuffed animals out, but he got every single one of his books off the shelf and scattered them around himself. He tucked his legs under the rug and thoroughly enjoyed himself as he “read” each of them.


Miniature Scholar


I’ve been reading to Nathan since he was itty bitty. I remember vividly during his times of colic, reading Paddington Cleans Up over and over again was one of the few ways I could calm him down. So yeah, he’s always loved reading, and he has his favorite books that he plays with reads all by himself. Even though his “reading” usually means holding the books upside down and gnawing on them, he still reminds me of a miniature scholar the way he concentrates so hard on the words and the pictures.

Both Paul and I love to read and are hoping that Nathan will continue this trend as he grows. But I think I’ll wait until he actually grasps the concept a little better before I tell him when he’s holding the book upside down. Because it is TOO CUTE, y’all! He’ll hold the book upside down and continue to “read” it as if there is nothing in the world even a little bit strange about it.

 I am seriously loving watching this little guy grow up and learn new things.

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