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More reasons to avoid genetically modified foods…


THIS article is just one example of why me and my family try to avoid genetically modified foods at all costs.


Distracted driving… America need a wake-up call


I was in almost three wrecks coming home today with my child in the car. None of them would have been my fault. One of those was a near head-on collision while I was going 60 mph. I swerved onto the shoulder in time as my heart skipped a few beats and fell into my stomach. The man who crossed the center line and nearly cost me and my child our lives was TALKING ON HIS PHONE.

A woman driver drifted into my lane as I was passing her on the left. When I blared my horn at her, she looked up from TEXTING and gave me a nasty scowl as if it was somehow *my* fault.

The last person was going 30 mph in a 55 mph zone. I was going about 59 mph, came around a curve, and almost plowed into him. He was talking on his cell phone.

Talking on a phone or texting while driving is the highest form of self-absorption. The world does not revolve around one person! Someone pretending that s/he’s still a “good” driver even while talking on the phone or texting (or any form of distracted driving) is a puerile fantasy. No one is invincible. No phone call or text is worth some else’s life. HANG UP YOUR PHONES, PEOPLE. That phone call can wait. THAT TEXT CAN WAIT. Only obtuseness and arrogance would enable anyone to think that “it won’t happen to them.”

Think about that. Because, folks, It can happen to ANYONE.

Can you live the rest of your life knowing you killed a child because you just *had* to take that phone call or send/read that text… that could have waited?

I couldn’t.

I wrote a post in this blog about distracted driving a while back.

Check out these links:


I hate sickness


Wow, this has been such a long, stressful week. Nathan got really, really sick on Monday with a high fever that stayed between 104 and 105.3 degrees. I took him to the doctor who said he had a nasty virus and a respiratory infection. He tested negative for strep and the flu. I had never seen my poor baby so sick before… he even fell asleep in my arms at the doctor’s office, which is highly unusual for him. He had no energy and was simply miserable and nothing like his normal, happy little self. Neither Paul or I got any sleep this week because we were so worried about him, so we were constantly checking on him, monitoring his temperature, heart rate, respirations, etc. Nathan was waking up every hour or so during the night, screaming in pain. During the day, all he could do was lay on the couch and cry, barely able to move because he was hurting so bad.

Today there is some improvement, thankfully. His fever is finally gone, but he’s definitely still sick and VERY irritable.  But he is eating a little more and is finally drinking fluid on his own. (Before this, he was refusing to drink anything, and I was having to administer Pedialyte in a medicine dropper to him to prevent dehydration.)

I’m hoping that he will be better in a couple of days. In the meantime, bear with me because it’s been incredibly hard to post anything with him being so sick.


In which my child discovered his nostril


Yesterday Nathan his after-breakfast snack of Cheerio’s, I notices his right eye started to water. Then he started rubbing at his nose, paying particular attention to his right nostril. As he was rubbing it, he started sneezing. Again. And again. And again. Until finally, a huge glob of something gelatinous and sticky shot out of his nose.

Horrified, I at first wondered if it was some of his nasal tissue. I plucked the glob off his cheek and upon closer inspection, I discovered that no, my child was not losing his inner body tissue. He had sneezed out a Cheerio. A SOGGY Cheerio that had apparently been in his nostril for more than a few seconds.

Gross. Why do kids like to put stuff in their noses??

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