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The waiting game


I am SO ready to meet this baby! I know babies come when they’re good & ready, but the wait is so hard, especially once your estimated due date comes & goes. This pregnancy has flown by for me. In fact, all the way up til about my 36th week or so, I could never remember how far along I was! But now? Now I have it down pat. And it’s going by so slowly.

I’ve gotten to the point that I’m just simply too pregnant to do anything. It hurts to walk or even just move. I feel like I need a crane just to help me roll over at night! Every time I want to roll over, I have to wake up and hoist my belly over IN INCREMENTS. Four, to be exact. That’s right, I have to literally roll over in four carefully executed increments in order to roll from my left side to my right.

I made it this far with working out at the gym, but now that ship has sailed. I know my limits, and my gym days are done until a few weeks after I have this baby. I did great lasting so long with working out, and I’m proud of myself for it! But now it’s time to get as much rest as I can before this marathon called labor starts. And my body is definitely preparing. You know all the stories you’ve heard about women getting a rush of energy right before they go into labor? Not me. NOPE. In fact, the last time I remember feeling so exhausted, so utterly wiped out, was when I had the flu. This is just my body’s way of conserving all my energy for The Big Day, whenever that may be. The elusive day. The day that seems like it will never come.

And cue the collective sigh.

Well, in the grand scheme of things, a week or two “late” is really no big deal. It’s an *estimated* due date, not an expiration date. There is no eject button. Things will take their course when they’re good and ready. And for goodness sake, PREGNANT WOMEN DO NOT POP. Never in the history of mankind has a baby exploded or popped out of a pregnant uterus when it was time to be born. So if you’re one of the assholes who says “ohmygah you’re about to POP!” I highly recommend you take the opportunity to shut up or you risk those being your final words.

And oh. When a pregnant lady’s due date has come and gone, just leave her alone to finish gestating in peace. It’s not the end of the world. Unicorns everywhere will not start crying. Twinkle lights all over the world will continue to twinkle merrily. No need to call her a bazillion times asking if she’s ok, and for the love of all things that sparkle, do not, I repeat do NOT, ask her if she’s had that baby yet. Because it’s not like we gave birth, decided we weren’t ready, and then had our doctor or midwife shove them back in.


What is it with people and their obsession with due dates? It’s like once a woman goes past her ESTIMATED due date, people think ENTIRE GALAXIES WILL START IMPLODING.

Yeah it’s really weird. When I mention I’m “past” my due date, people panic a little. “When will you be induced?” “How far will they let you go?” “Is that really safe?” Blah blah blah. What’s up with rushing babies? First off, I have the right to refuse an induction or any medical intervention for that matter. Second, nobody “lets” or “doesn’t let” me do anything. I am not a little lamb who takes orders. Last, it’s a helluva lot safer than artificial induction with Pitocin or Cytotec.

I’m thinking I’m going to start just saying I could still have two more weeks. It would save me from drama. Drama is for llamas, you know.


Christmas is almost here!!


Last night, we wrapped more of Nathan’s Christmas presents and put some of them under the tree. Nathan’s reaction to these presents when he saw this morning was priceless. With wide eyes, he crouched down and started bouncing while exclaiming there were more presents under the tree.

Then he systematically went through the presents, picking them up individually and asking what’s inside.

“You’ll find out on Christmas!” we told him. Then he’d shake it, put his ear to it, and ask a litany of questions.

“Is it a racecar?” he asked.

“You can open it on Christmas and find out then,” we responded.

“Is it a train?” he asked as he tapped the box.

“You have to wait to see,” we said.

“It’s a toy, right?”

“What do you think?”

“Yes! I think it’s a present! I LOVE presents!”

And then he’d start spinning around in circles… round and round (how the heck does he do that, anyway? Three to four spins for myself is about all I can take of the dizziness.) Then he’d run into the kitchen and spin some more, then back to the living room for more spinning. (He loves to spin when he’s excited.) And then we’d go through pretty much this same conversation and resulting spinning with each present.

I love to see him excited.

In other news, I’m starting to feel really pregnant. Up until this point, I didn’t really feel too pregnant. But now I’m getting tired more easily, even though I still work out 3-4 times a week. I’m definitely in shape, yet I find myself getting short on breath just walking around the house. The way I huff and puff, you’d think I didn’t work out a day in my life. It’s completely normal though- with the baby growing, my lungs are getting squished and can’t get as much oxygen. Plus having 50% more blood volume doesn’t help with the fatigue and shortness of breath, either.

The back pain has started as well. It’s not nearly on the same scale as it was when I was this far along with Nathan, and that’s attributed to me working out and being in great shape. But still. It’s there. It’s not agony like it was last time, but it’s definitely unpleasant. I’m hoping it doesn’t get much worse.

Oh the things we go through for our little ones!! And it’s so worth every bit of discomfort, especially once I have him or her cuddled safely in my arms.

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