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Sneak marker-attack



Look at what Nathan did. We were not pleased. He shimmied right up onto the top of his kitchen (shown in very bottom of picture), grabbed the marker off the ledge at the TOP of the dry-erase board, and proceeded to color all over the top of the wall and the CEILING. Yes, he colored on the ceiling.

It’s one of those things that we can’t for the life of us figure out why the heck he’d do something like that. He knows better! He got into a lot of trouble for that. I tried explaining to him that not only is it wrong to deface property, but he seriously could have gotten hurt if he’d fallen off his play kitchen.

I really thought by now he’d be past a lot of these antics. But nope. He’s still doing things like this. And also doing stuff like squirting half the tube of toothpaste into the toilet. And speaking of toilets, he’d also put an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet. (At least it was still a roll of toilet paper… easier to get it out!) He definitely still likes to get into stuff.

Also, I’m sure you notice the board still says happy 4th birthday to Nathan. He turned four in February, and the night of his birthday, we snuck into his room while he was sound asleep and left him a surprise birthday message. He loved it! In fact, he loved it so much that he didn’t want us to erase it, even three months later.

And I guess he loved it so much that scribbling all over the wall and ceiling was preferable to scribbling all over that dry erase board.


Coloring fun


Nathan really likes to color. What’s really cute it watching him color in a coloring book or on one of those children’s menus that restaurants give kids… he tries so hard to color in the lines, but of course, he doesn’t have the motor skills to do that just yet. And he also really likes when Paul or I draw on the paper as well, and then Nathan will try to mimic what we’ve done. Right now, we’re practicing circles.

In other news, I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving! My husband will be off from work Wednesday through Sunday for a much-needed break. I can’t wait to hang out with him and enjoy some time together! And don’t even get me started on the good food I will be gorging on. We’re having Thanksgiving at Paul’s grandmother’s house, and let me tell you that woman can cook like you would not believe. And the most awesome part is that many of her recipes are from her her mother and grandmother… talk about deliciousness!

Hopefully, I won’t gain too much weight this year…

(Yeah right. Lock up your pumpkin pies because I am on a path of consumption!)

I have somewhat of a plan this year, though. I’m going to try to steer clear of foods that I have easy access to throughout the year such as candy, etc. But stuff that I don’t get that often will be okay to eat, as long as I (try) to keep it in moderation. I only have 10-15 more pounds to go before I’m at my goal weight, and with the holidays factored in, I am giving myself til March to lose it.

Wish me luck.


Crayon Fun


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