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Feelin’ the burn


You guys! I feel so good!

See, I’ve been going to a gym for the past week because I am super tired of being overweight. I want my pre-baby size back. Ok, ok… I know I’ll never be THAT thin again, but I’ll take a size 8 any day. Hell, right now, I can’t squeeze my PINKIE TOE into a size 8, so can you imagine how totally euphoric I would be to ACTUALLY BE a size 8? (Well, I’d love to be a size 6, but let’s be realistic. A size 6 will probably never happen, and I’m ok with that.)

So yeah, I’m pretty happy with this gym… I like the routine and how good I feel when I am done. It feels great and I am confident that by next summer, I will be close to (if not at) my goal.


Growing, growing, gone!


As I was folding Nathan’s clean clothes the other day, I felt a twinge of nostalgia. He’s now officially outgrown his size 18-month clothes and is now in size 2T. I can’t believe it! My 19-month-old baby, who was once really small as an infant and struggling with weight gain issues, is now BIG! And growing! In fact, he’s growing so much that I’m afraid if I close my eyes, he’s going to be all grown up in an instant.

What’s funny is that although his size 18-months clothes are definitely too small, his 2T clothes are a little bit too big. Some of his pants fall down when he walks and especially when he bends over (anyone need a plumber?) and I have to roll up his pants’ legs because he trips over them. I admit, I thought about doing the tightroll just for giggles….


He’s not so little anymore


So Nathan had his 18-month well-check today, and he’s doing great! He’s growing so fast. He’s in the 70th percentile for his height and the 80th for his weight. I remember this time last year, how we were struggling with his weight-gain issues because I wasn’t producing enough milk, and then once we started supplimenting with formula to help him gain weight, we had to deal with the allergy he developed to the cow’s milk protein found in all infant formulas (with the exception of soy and hypoallergenic formulas). Nathan was so little and so thin that I wondered if he would ever gain enough weight. And now look. He’s such a big guy!

So the only thing he’s really behind on is talking. By now, he should be using at least 4-10 words regularly. He doesn’t. He’s said numerous words… like cat, dump truck, car, what’s that, truck, dog, book, six, seven, ten (and a few other numbers)… but he’s only said them a handful of times and then he just stops saying them. He doesn’t use any word regularly. The pediatrician says it’s very common with stubborn kids, which was established when Nathan was nine months old and stubbornly holding in his poop, making himself constipated.

I also didn’t talk much when I was his age. My mom said that I said my first sentence when I was 19-months old, and she was completely shocked because it came out of the clear blue. She said she had a habit of tripping on the stairs, and as she was going down them, I said “Be careful, Mommy.” Then, I didn’t say anything else until I was about two-years old, and when I did, it was as if the flood gates had been opened.

But to be on the safe side, if his vocabulary hasn’t increased in a month or two, his pediatrician would like to refer him to a speech therapist to have him evaluated.

So, other than that, the little man is doing great! He’s happy, healthy, and totally Nathan.


Oompa Loompas, I am waiting for you


This weekend, I ate The Best Ribs Ever.

Seriously. THE BEST.

I don’t even like ribs. But these? These, I couldn’t get enough. And we didn’t get them at some fancy restaurant. Nor a little hole-in-the-wall diner. (You know the kind I’m talking about… on the outside, it looks like they serve nothing more than bland greasiness slapped on a bun, but then you try one of their meals and you’re all like HOLY COW! HEAVEN DOES EXIST!). Instead, one of Paul’s friends had a cookout. That’s right, these ribs were GRILLED, yo.

Did I mention that I don’t even like ribs?

Ok, so aside from having a mega-awesome rib-consumption session, Paul and I had a fantastic weekend. We were actually planning on seeing the new movie Inception, but the theater was packed and we were late, so as we drove upon it, we decided Strained Neck Syndrome just wasn’t worth it. We were certain the only place left to sit would be the FRONT ROW. So you have to strain your neck to look up and see the movie. And everything seems to be out of proportion and oddly skewed because of the weird angle. I hate when that happens.

And so does my neck.

The only downside to this weekend was I gained 5 pounds. OVERNIGHT. After I ate those mind-exploding ribs. You hear me? YOU CAN GAIN 5 POUNDS OVERNIGHT. And I don’t mean water weight. What the hell am I? Some sort of balloon? Is it just that easy to inflate me? I eat a few ribs and WHAM! I blow up like a giant blueberry without the blue tinge. Like that chick Violet off Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I’m just waiting for the Oompa Loompas to appear and roll me away so that I can deflate.

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