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And the sickness digs in


Well, it’s definitely not allergies. Now Paul’s sick too. We are one miserable lot, I tell ya. And it really sucks that Paul and I came down with it on Mother’s Day, of all days. So prayers that we all get well soon would be much appreciated! I hate being sick, especially when my entire little family is sick!

In other news, I thought of something funny to share. Whenever I go to the gym, I bring my gym bag with clean clothes, shower supplies, a towel, etc. Last week as I was walking in, I was stopped by another lady who opined that she didn’t like me carrying such a heavy bag since I’m so pregnant. I stopped and offered for her to carry my bag for me, but ironically, she quickly changed the subject. She never did carry my bag for me. Which is fine- I’m a big girl and can carry my own stuff. However, why would someone complain about it if they aren’t going to help? It makes no sense.

People say the most absurd things to pregnant women sometimes! Sometimes all you can do is laugh…


Pregnancy Brain at its best


Somehow I managed to lose a day this last week. All day Thursday, I thought it was Wednesday. And then on Friday, I thought it was Thursday. Nathan even asked me what the day was and I said Thursday, and he told me I was wrong; it was Friday. I reassured him it was Thursday and he continued to argue with me so I let it go.

Later that afternoon, I got a call from my hairdresser reminding me of my appointment “tomorrow at 9:30.” I replied that I had an appointment for Saturday, so it wasn’t tomorrow.

“Today’s Thursday, right?” I asked. She hesitated for a moment.

“No, today is Friday…”

“No way!” I replied. “Really? I thought for sure today was Thursday!”

“I know, I’ve been doing the same thing,” she replied. “But yep, today is Friday.”

Wow. I felt so stupid!! It’s actually kinda funny- Pregnancy Brain at it’s best. And I am Extremely Pregnant rigjt now, so it’s no surprise that I can’t remember anything.


Another round of sickness


So of course Nathan is sick… right around the time I’m due to have this baby. So, that’s not stressful or anything. So now, I’m hoping this baby does *not* make his appearance until Nathan’s better. And juat this evening, I’ve started coming down with it. Sore throat, sneezing, runny nose & congestion. I was just fine earlier and *wham!* started getting sick.

It only seems to be a head cold, but as we all know, something as small as a head cold is fine for adults & older children, but can have dire consequences for newborns. Since their immune systems are immature, a little cold can quickly progress into croup or pneumonia.

I hope Nathan feels better soon. I hate when my baby doesn’t feel well. And please pray that my symptoms miraculously go away because if I go into labor, I really don’t want the added stress of worrying about my newborn getting sick! I’ve been spraying my nose with nasal saline & gargling with salt water… hoping it helps!


Where do kids come up with this stuff?


I like how Nathan thinks the reason my belly button sticks out is because the baby is laughing while in my belly.

Speaking of babies & bellies, Nathan has been asking me if the baby will come out through my mouth or through my belly button. I explained to him that the midwife will help the baby come out, and that seemed to satisfy him… for now. Whew. Not that I mind him knowing the age-appropriate truth, but on the other hand, Nathan has a bad habit of repeating *everything* Paul and I say- even to complete strangers! So for now, I am definitely trying to keep explanations as simple as possible. And also trying not to giggle at how freaking adorable he is!

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