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This is what he thinks about a couple of Cheerios


I wonder what he’ll have to say about them when he actually starts talking? Oh how I love to hear that little voice!>


Don’t let that sweet, handsome little face fool ya!



My sweet baby has been giving us a tough time the past few nights! See, we’ve been very fortunate in that whenever we put him to bed at night, he falls right asleep. I usually nurse him for about an hour while I watch a Netflix show on the laptop. He falls deep asleep and doesn’t wake up as I transition him from my arms to his swing. (Like Nathan did when he was little, only we don’t have to actually turn the swing on for John.) And then, if I’m lucky, he’ll sleep until 7am. If I’m not lucky, he’ll wake up at night to nurse. That’s fine, though, because that’s life with a baby.

However, the past couple of nights, he’ll still fall deep asleep while I’m nursing him. But then for some reason right as we’re finishing, he’ll pop WIDE AWAKE. I mean so awake that he starts laughing and smacking my face with his little hands. I’ll try to cuddle him and hold him to quiet him down, but nope. He’s awake and there’s no changing it.

I still attempt to lay him down because, you know, it’s night time and all. But the second I walk out of the room, the floodgates release complete with a waterfall of tears and shrieking. Of course, I just can’t bear to hear him like that (it breaks my heart) so I go get him. And he’s completely awake! I bring him out into the living room with me and just hold him and hug him. It takes 1-2 hours from there for him to get sleepy again, after which I nurse him back to sleep. By this time, its 11:30 or 12 at night, way past my bedtime. And I can’t go to bed right after I lay him down because he’ll just wake back up if he hears me. So I’m finally crawling into bed around 12:30, which wouldn’t be a big deal if he slept later. You’ve heard the saying before- put ’em to bed later and they’ll sleep later, right? WRONG! He wakes up at 5am and I nurse him. Then again at 6am. And again at 7am. Let me tell you, you just don’t know how important it is to get enough sleep until you don’t get any! He sleeps so much better when he falls asleep earlier, that’s for sure.

I’m hoping this is just a phase because whew! I’m in a sleep-deprived fog here. But then I just look at his sweet face and I know everything will be ok. It has to be!


The good life



I can’t believe my sweet boys are growing up so fast! Nathan is already five years old and John is 9.5 months old! Nathan is talking so well now. Up until he started preschool, he was talking but not quite on the same level as other kids his age. Now he talks up a storm, asks really good questions (some of which I don’t even have the answers for!), and has even honed his negotiation skills. He is the most amazing big brother John could ever ask for. It’s really so wonderful to see him interact with and care for his brother. My heart swells with so much love when I see that, it sometimes feels as if it will just explode.

Nathan’s teacher is so impressed with his spot-on memory, and he has already surpassed his peers with his numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. He already knows them all and can count to 100 without any help. They’re working with him on his fine motor skills, and I must say he’s made tremendous progress and can now write not only his first name, but his middle and last name too! His social skills have advanced tremendously as well as has his eye contact and listening skills. I am so grateful for this school and the help they’ve given him. I thank the good Lord every single day for the opportunity He provided us to move to this city. Thank God my child didn’t fall through the cracks with his autism and sensory issues.

Sweet John is trying so very hard to crawl. He can get up on all fours and rock back and forth, and he army crawls/scoots around all over the place. He’s pulling himself up and is >this close< to being able to pull himself up into a standing position on his own. He naps twice a day, which is glorious, and eats like a man. Seriously, that kid eats solid foods 4-5 times a day, 6-8 ounces at a time AND is still nursing. He had his nine-month check up, and he’s growing so big. He’s in the 90th percentile for height, the 45th for weight, and the 80th for head size. So he’s gonna be tall and thin like he rest of us. (Paul is 6’5, I’m 5’8, and Nathan was 42″ at his last checkup over the summer.)

And oh! Andrew the cat adores John. He hangs around him and apparently loves when John grabs and pulls his fur because he never runs away or growls, and is constantly licking him. He’s also stopped pooping as much outside of his litter box (knock on wood) since John’s started pulling his fur. Maybe he wanted more attention, who knows?


Life is good.


My boys


It’s been such lovely weather here the past couple of days! We just made it through a really cold spell right around Valentine’s Day and actually got some snow… more snow than we’ve had in these parts in about 21 years! The last time we got a decent snow, Nathan was the same age as John is now. Only we only got about half as much then as we did this last time. So Paul and Nathan went sledding a few times, and when it was time to build a snowman, I bundled John up and plopped him down in the snow right next to the snowman. He spent the next 20 minutes excitedly slapping the snow around while making all those cute little baby noises he likes to make. It was precioius. Nathan helped Paul build the snowman and they even gave him eyes, nose, a mouth, arms, and a hat. The kids loved it! I don’t even think John knew what it was, but heck, he loved it anyway.


Pure crazyness! Look at all that SNOW!! This was taken at night, before the snow had a chance to fall off the rails. We measured it at 8 inches. EIGHT!!

Winter-2014-140The next day, the boys had a blast playing in it. Even John loved slapping his multi-layered sock-covered hands around in all that lovely fluffiness!


Nathan being an awesome big brother and taking care of “his baby” (As he likes to call John.) Nathan is wearing my gloves- they’re a little big on him, but they got the job done!

Winter-2014-144Nathan loved helping Daddy build a snowman. John diligently supervised.

Winter-2014-152Look at that sweet face!

Winter-2014-156The finished snowman. Nathan named him Anakin.

Winter-2014-157A cup of delicous hot chocolate and marshmellows to knock the cold from his little bones. Nathan’s not much on sweets, so he drank about 1/4 of it before declaring he was done.

So the weather has warmed up the past few days, and I’ve been taking the boys outside to play. Because we have a yard! A YARD! A big ole yard with lots and lots of room to run. Our last place didn’t have much of a yard at all, and it was dangerous because of how close we were to the busy road. So at any rate, John and I mostly sit on the deck while Nathan runs around and pokes sticks at random inanimate objects.


Nathan is a brave little boy, however. He’s had a bad habit lately of trying to sneak out of the house to go outside and play without telling me. And just the other day, I gave him the ok to go out and play but while I wasn’t looking, he snuck out of the backyard. After just a couple of minutes of not hearing him, I knew something was wrong, so I ran outside but couldn’t see him. On a hunch, I ran to the front yard and lo-and-behold if he wasn’t walking down the street, waving a stick in the air and talking to himself.

That scared the liver out of me, as my mom used to say. Holy cow. After I brought him inside, I tried talking to him and explaining why he is never, ever, EVER allowed to do that. Anything could happen. He could be hit by a car or someone could try to take him. Paul also talked to him about it as well, but Nathan just doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. He told me later that night that if an adult tries to take him, he would punch and kick and put the adult in Mommy’s car. Oh my sweet boy. The best I can do is talk to him about it over and over and over again, until it’s ingrained in his head that he cannot ever go anywhere without Mommy and/or Daddy, and especially nowhere with a stranger. No matter what. Anyway, I’m just thankful I caught him in time. And thankful for my Mommy Intuition that told me it was too quiet out there.

Boys. So full of life, wanting to explore and be independent. I love my boys and wouldn’t have it any other way! Life is good.

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