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I love our conversations!


Nathan and I had a fabulous conversation last night. Sometimes it’s really hard to connect with him- whenever he talks to me, he’s not all there per se. It’s like there’s a bunch of clutter in his sweet little head, and it’s sometimes hard for him to push through it and connect on a level to where he actually “gets” what I’m saying. At any rate, when he has one of those moments where he connects with me and can really hear what I’m saying, I try to take advantage of that.

So I was in the bedroom getting things in order and straightening up when Nathan came in. He asked what I was doing, and I told him I was just cleaning up a little. He asked if we could sit on the bed together, so I sat down with him. He gave me a big ole bear hug, so I grabbed him close and hugged him fiercly. I asked him how school went that day, and he told me he was very nice to the other kids and didn’t call anyone names. (We’ve been having issues with him calling other people “stinky” and “poopy.”) So I told him I was very proud of him for being so nice. His eyes lit up like diamonds.

“You’re proud of me?” he asked.

“Oh honey. Absolutely! You make me proud all the time!”

“Thanks, Mommy!”

“You’re very welcome. You know I love you very, very much, right?”


“Yeah. Even when you’re not nice to me or other kids, I still love you. No matter what you do or what you say, I will never, ever stop loving you.”

“Even when I say shut up?” he asked.

“Yes. Even then.”

“Even when you say shut up? You said shut up last week.” Hmm. Shut up is a bad word in my house. I don’t like it and rarely, if ever, say it. At most, I say hush, be quiet, and when I’m super angry, I’ll say hush it or shut it or shoosh it. Much to my chagrin, sometimes it’s so hard to not lose my patience when he’s backtalking me and being defiant. I’ve been talking to him a lot about taking responsibility for things we say, so I wasn’t going to argue with him about it and lose the moment. He has an insane memory, and for all I know, maybe I did say shut up and just don’t remember it.

“Honey, sometimes people say things they don’t mean when they get frustrated. But that doesn’t make it okay. Sometimes Mommy makes mistakes, and I’m so very sorry.”

“Yeah,” he said. “It really, really, really hurt my feelings. It made me so sad.”

“Oh, my sweet boy,” I said as I put my hands on his face. My eyes started to water. “I am so sorry I hurt your feelings. I love you, Nathan.”

“But why?” he asked.

“Because you’re my boy. I grew you in my belly, and God helped you come out. I loved you from the  moment you started growing in my belly, and even more the first time I ever held you in my arms. You’re so smart, beautiful, and sweet, and kind, and loving.”

“I love you too, Mom!”

“Oh yeah? Why do you love me?”

“Because you make lots and lots of good milk for baby brother so he can get bigger and bigger and BIGGER! And then he’ll be so big and then he’ll eat food and won’t need your milk and your milk will go away.”

I’m not even kidding! HE TOTALLY SAID THAT! It was hilarious and SO hard not to bust out laughing. I’ve never told him that my milk will eventually “go away” once John weans himself. He’s a smart kiddo, and he’s always saying things that completely crack me up. And who knew that me making milk for his baby brother would be a reason Nathan loves me? Ha ha. I so love that boy.



I love these kids!


John is finally loving his solid foods! Right now, we just have him on rice cereal. Soon, we’ll start with green vegetables, then orange and yellow veggies, and then fruits (the order of solids was recommended by the kids’ pediatrician.) He’s getting to be such a big boy! He’s able to sit up mostly by himself with little assistance. He still toppes over occasionally, but he’s doing great! He’s also trying REALLY hard to talk. Just the other morning, I swear I heard him say “Ma ma ma ma” when he was ready to get up. And we’ve also heard him say “da da da” a few times! Wow! It’s hard to believe just (almost) six months ago, he was this tiny little newborn. And now he’s getting so big. It’s amazing how quickly time flies.

Every day, just when I think Nathan can’t be any better with his big brother abilities, he surprises me. He is AMAZING with John. When the baby cries, Nathan will bring him toys and play with him. He’ll rub John’s little head and tell him everything is going to be ok. And John gazes at Nathan with wide eyes filled to the brim with adoration. You can practically see the love beaming out of John’s face. It’s precious!

Nathan loves to help carry John from point A to point B (with our help, of course. Nathan’s not tried to pick him up unassisted since that one time he dropped John.) So a couple days ago, I helped Nathan carry John to the jumper that Nathan used when he was a baby. John had sat in it a few times, but didn’t try to jump and so just ended up getting fussy. So Nathan helped me set the baby in the jumper, and I walked into the kitchen for a few minutes. I peeked around the corner and saw Nathan teaching his brother how to jump in it! John was squealing with delight as Nathan raised the bouncy up and down. When Nathan let go, John jumped with his own two legs. What a sight to see, watching my older son teach my younger son something new!

I hope these two have a great bond and are best friends for life. I LOVE having a brother. I don’t know what I would do without him. My brother and I have such a strong bond, and it is my hope that my kids bond like my brother and I did. Of course there will be arguments and fights, especially when they are kids, but I hope that as adults, they will remain close.

My heart is so happy!


Somebody was tired!


Fall-2013-087Somebody wore himself out in the exersaucer. Such a sweet baby! He reminds me so much of his big brother Nathan, who also played really hard in the very same exersaucer. I seriously can’t get enough of my kids- my heart is so full of love that sometimes I think it will just explode!



Halloween Pictures!


Well, things definitely move slower when I don’t have a smart phone. It’s relatively easy to post pictures using it- I just use an app to add my watermark and can post it right then. But using a camera, as opposed to a phone, I have to go through the process of uploading the picture to the computer, editing it in Photoshop, saving it for web, and then uploading it to my blog. It makes me prone to procrastination, but hey, at least I got it done, right? So check out the abundance of cuteness we had going on!



Nathan was very proud of his Spiderman costume. He picked out what he wanted to dress up as for Halloween, and he and Paul picked out the costume together. They even had trick-or-treating at his school, so Nathan got to wear his costume more than once. He was one happy little man! And my goodness, look at those muscles!



Nathan was in mid-flex when he saw Captain America, so this is him pointing and exclaiming, “LOOK, MOM! THERE’S CAPTAIN AMERICA!” Too cute. John didn’t exactly get a say in his costume. One of my sweet friends gave us the monkey outfit that her son wore last Halloween. It was so darn cute that I couldn’t resist dressing John up in it. What can I say? He’s such a little monkey that it suited him perfectly! Oh, and see the wrap I’m wearing? That’s compliments of my grandpa, my dad’s dad. It’s called a Moby Wrap, and I LOVE it. They’re usually a little pricey, but I was able to find a used one in excellent condition (as in, almost brand-new, even complete with the instruction manual) for half the price. Not too bad, huh? John likes to be carried, and the wrap distributes his weight evenly so my back’s not killing me by the time I’m done carrying him. I haven’t used that many different wraps and carriers to really compare them, but so far, I’m totally loving the Moby.

And oh! See that lovely necklace I’m wearing? Paul’s mom got that for me. It’s called a Mommy Necklace, and it’s a really sturdy necklace made for moms of nursing babies. Or even babies that don’t nurse and just like to grab at things. John likes to pinch and pull at my clothing and even my poor skin while he’s nursing, and when he’s not doing that, his little arm waves around in the air like an antennae. So Paul’s mom came up with the idea of getting me a Mommy Necklace, and it’s perfect! Now when he’s nursing, his little arm will wave around in the air until it comes into contact with the necklace. And then he pulls, twirls, twists, and yanks on it the whole time he nurses. My skin and clothes are thanking her right now. It’s the only piece of jewelry strong enough that I can wear at the moment because of the baby and his grabbing hands, and I really love it!

Fall-2013-073Look at that sweet face! He looks so much like his big brother, doesn’t he? John managed to go the entire time without crying. He really loved looking around at all the people. Nathan did super as well- we were so proud of him! We had such an awesome Halloween this year. We never did get any trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, but that’s ok. Let’s just say the candy didn’t go to waste. Ha ha. Holidays take on a whole new meaning when you have kids, and I’m really, REALLY enjoying celebrating them with my little family.


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