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Catching up!


Things have been hectic around here, but what else is new, right? That’s life with kids! I wouldn’t trade it for anything and, in fact, will miss these busy days once my kids are grown and moved out.

We had the hubbub of Christmas, which was nice. Nathan had a hard time adjusting to the routine change of being out of school, and by the time he calmed down and became more manageable, he had to go back to school! He’s doing much, much better though now that winter break is over and school is back jn session. He also went up a whole size in clothes- his size 5’s are now retired and he’s in his 6’s. It really seems like just yesterday I was washing and folding his little 3-6 month size sleepers. I remember holding them to my nose and inhaling the lovely scent of fresh baby. He’s lost that baby smell now, and I’m trying not to think about how soon he will smell like Teenager: dirty feet and sweat and armpits. And I will still think of his fresh baby smell.

The days are long but the years are short. They are so very short.

I see that with Nathan. I “can’t wait”-ed him all the time. I remember thinking I can’t wait until he can crawl, I can’t wait until he can walk, I can’t wait until he can talk… And that time has now passed me by and he’s nearly 6 years old. I’m more laid back with John and just try to take things as they are and enjoy each of his phases before he meets a new milestone.

The other day, I was hugging Nathan tightly to me. He wrapped his little arms around me in return and asked me why I was hugging him so tight. I said because you’re growing up so fast that it’s hard to let go, and even though these years seem so long to him, for me it’s going by so fast. Then I told him that one day, he will be all grown and will move out, and he won’t need his mama to take care of him, and he responded in his sweet voice that sounds so precious and musical to my ears, “Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll be bigger than you then, and I’ll take care of you instead.” And then after a thoughtful pause, “I’ll even text you!”

My heart is so full…


Blocks and rocket ships


Nathan came excitedly bounding out if his room, exclaiming “Come look at what I made!” I followed him into his room to find this:


He had made four identically built rocket ships out of some blocks his grandma had gotten him a while back. He was so pleased with his creation, as were Paul and I. Just think, a few months ago, this would have been impossible for him. But now look at him! I’m so proud of how far he’s come. The preschool we sent him to in order to get him help for his Autism was one of the best decisions we could have possibly made. He has come so far! Plus, it’s awesome how he loves, loves, loves to go to school. I hope that love sticks with him!


Making grocery shopping cute. I mean fun.


You know those carts at the grocery store that have little kids’ cars attached to the front that children can sit in? You know, the germ factories that kids always get all excited about riding in. Well, we all went grocery shopping last night and of course, Nathan became super excited the moment he saw the car-buggy. So Paul and I wiped it down as best as we could with some sanitizing wipes and plopped the boys down in it, hoping to get our shopping done in peace while they entertained themselves with the play steering wheels and beeping horns. (It worked, by the way, and happiness was had by all.) And my gosh, they looked so cute together.


See? Cuteness overload!



Be careful what you do- it’ll come back to bite you


John and Nathan, like all siblings on the entire planet, have moments where they don’t get along too well. Don’t get me wrong, they are great brothers and Nathan is reallly, really good with John. But, of course, they are still brothers. And brothers will get into spats at some point. Sometimes Nathan is the instigator, and believe it or not, sometimes John is. I keep telling Nathan not to pick on his brother because it’s going to come back and bite him. I suppose Nathan didn’t know I meant that literally.

So the other day, Nathan was being disrespectful to me so I put him in time out. While he was in time out, facing the wall, I had to finish doing what I was trying to get done. While I was working, I heard Nathan shrieking, and then John joined in. I hollered for them to be nice to each other and reminded Nathan to stay in time out. A few seconds later, I heard more screeching followed by Nathan crying, “Just leave me a lone John! OWWW! STOP! John that hurts!” I walked into the living room to see what was going on and this is what I found:


Nathan was still in time out, hunched over and sobbing with giant spit circles all over the back of his shirt. Apparently, John had bitten him all over his back while he was sitting there, leaving giant spit circles where he chewed on Nathan’s shirt as he was biting him. I had enough time to quickly snap this picture before I ran outside and erupted in a fit of laughter. I didn’t want Nathan to think I was laughing at him, but I was definitely laughing at the situation. Once I got my laughter under control, I came back inside and put John in time out and told Nathan I was impressed he stayed in timeout while under attack.

Speaking of which, there was another incident where John bit Nathan. Nathan had done something to John- maybe he took away a toy John was playing with. Whatever the reason was, John retaliated by biting Nathan on the rear and clamping down with his teeth and refusing to let go. Nathan was shrieking and running around the house with John’s teeth clamped on his rear like a fox trap.

There is certainly no lack of enterainment around this house!

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