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A little impatient…


Nathan: (said to my pregnant belly) Okay baby brother, you can come out now!! We’re waiting for you! (Pause) It’s not working, Mommy…


An earful


We are finally starting to feel a little relief around here from the cold we all caught. Paul’s pretty much fine now, but Nathan and I still have some lingering symptoms. Nathan’s is a snotty nose jammed full of a disgusting amount thick, sticky boogers that coat and then flake off his nostrils. Mine is an insanely suffy nose and ears that are so stopped up that I often can’t even hear my phone ring. All three of us still have chest congestion and a phlegmy cough. But we’re kicking this cold, by golly, and hopefully it will be gone when baby makes his grand debut.

Speaking of stopped-up ears, Nathan asked me a question four or five times today, but I couldn’t hear him. I don’t have the best hearing anyway, but now it’s as if my ears are plugged up with cotten. Everything sounds thick, fuzzy, and unintelligable. I kept telling him that I was sorry but my ears are stopped up. At that, Nathan ran over to me, swept my hair behind my right ear, and peered curiously into my ear canal.

“What are you doing, buddy bear?” I asked him. (He loves being called Buddy Bear. In return, he calls me Mommy Bear and Paul is Daddy Bear. Oh, the cuteness! It burns!)

“Did your ears go swimming?” he asked.

“No, sweetie, they’re stopped up from my cold. That means there’s fluid behind my eardrum, making it hard for me to hear.” He looked befuddled, so a quick Internet search pulled up a diagram of the ear. Nathan is now very proud to know the anatomy of the ear, and he can tell me where the pinna, ear canal, ear drum, middle ear, and inner ear are located. And he smiles with gleeful excitement as he points them out on a diagram.

I love, love, love how he loves to learn!


Aspiring makeup artist?


So today, I was straightening my hair and Nathan bounced into the bathroom and asked me what I was doing.

“Fixing my hair,” I replied. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked quizzically at my hair.

“Is your hair broken?” he asked. I may have chuckled at the realization that I can sometimes be quite Southern.

“No, honey. I’m straightening it with this hair straightener here,” I said as I gestured to the flat iron. “It’s very hot, though, so it’s not something for you to play with.”

“Blow on it and cool it down!” he exclaimed.

So then, when I was done with my hair, I put on some makeup. Paul was on his way home to take us out to eat some pizza, and I’m not going to let being HUGELY pregnant stop me from trying to look presentable! So as I was applying eyeshadow to one eye, Nathan was peering at me from the side. When he asked me what I was doing, I said I was applying makeup. And then I looked at him. One eye had eyeshadow on it & the other did not.

He has a small-scale freakout.

“Fix it, Mama!” he shouted. “The eyes! They don’t match! Fix it, please!” He started frantically jumping up and down, eyes watering, hands flapping, and eyebrows furrowed.

I quickly put eyeshadow on the other eye and told him everything was A-OK. He stared at each of my eyes, looking at one and then the other. Finally, he smiled.

“Good job, Mommy! Your eyes are hot!”

“Hot?!” I asked quizzically. Not sure where he got that from. “What do you mean, hot?”

“Well, are the eyes hot or cold?”

I’m still trying to figure that one out.


Still preg-a-nant


Nathan really does come up with the cutest things. Today, for example, I told him that I couldn’t play chase with him because I’m so pregnant.

“I’ll rub the belly,” he said. And he proceeded to pat my belly for a few seconds. “All better?” he asked when he was done.

“You know, I do believe that helped some. Thank you,” I replied.

“Sure! Now I’ll rub the back!” he exclaimed. And he patted my back for about 15 seconds.

“There!” he declared when he was done. “You still preg-a-nant?” It was so hard to contain my laughter! What a sweet boy, looking out for him mama by rubbing my belly and back. Even if it is just for a few seconds!

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