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Love is in the air


Me: “I love you, Nathan.”
Nathan: “I love me toooooooo!”

Kids really DO say the cutest things. And sometimes it’s really, really hard not to laugh! This time, though, I didn’t hold back… I couldn’t! And Nathan wasn’t exactly sure what I was guffawing over, but he happily joined me just the same. It was just so stinking cute. Especially when you factor in that to-die-for smile he has!


Too clever for his own good


I was in the restroom for a couple minutes. Like three minutes max. I emerged to discover Nathan had gotten into the cats’ food. In that short span of time, he threw it everywhere. It was on the kitchen floor and on the kitchen table and even the countertops. He had even managed to throw it into the laundry room on top of both the washer and dryer. I followed the trail into the living room and lamented how it decorated the carpet, coffee table, and couch. It was ridiculous how much mayhem he did in such a short span of time.

I put him in time out.

When his time was up, I explained to him that I was very frustrated with him and rather unhappy with his little display of mischief. So he wrapped his arms around me, giving me a huge hug.

“There,” he said as he patted my back. “How does Mommy feel now? Happy? Yep, happy!”

Clever little boy, I tell ya.




Nathan loves puzzles. Loves them! And apparently, he wants our cats to love them as well because a few days ago, Nathan was sitting on the floor, trying to teach my cat Andrew how to put a puzzle together.

“Okay, Andrew. It goes like this,” he said as he manipulated some of the pieces. Andrew looked away, so Nathan put the puzzle piece under Andrew’s nose. “See?” he said. Andrew turned his head back towards Nathan and patiently watched as he put the puzzle piece back on the floor. After a few more minutes, Andrew twitched his ears, licked his paw, then got up and sauntered away.

“Wait! Come back, Andrew!” Nathan called after him. Andrew meowed. “Please, have a seat,” he said as he patted the floor. Andrew meowed again and decided to humor the little human. He waddled over to Nathan, sat down, licked his chops, and watched patiently.

And then Nathan tried to feed him the puzzle piece…


When the egg hatches


So one day, Nathan was being pretty quiet as Paul and I relaxed together in the living room. Suddenly, Nathan burst into the living room, beaming from ear to ear, his happy little feet pounding on the floor, reverberating enthusiastically throughout the house.

“Mommy! Daddy!” he hollered. “The egg! The egg, it hatched!” Paul and I exchanged wary glances as we knew some sort of mischief must have occurred. I strode into the kitchen to discover what Nathan was talking about. Sure enough, an egg had “hatched.” With Nathan’s help, of course.

And see that napkin on the floor? Nathan had even tried to clean up his mess. Oh, my sweet little boy.

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