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Helping decorate


Nathan loves the Christmas tree. He stares at it, walks around it, and laughs at it. A few days ago, I started finding some of the cats’ toys in the tree… compliments of Nathan. Never his own toys, though, only the cats’ toys. You know, little catnip balls and fuzzy catnip mice. Nathan sees all the other ornaments on the tree and wants to help decorate it! Oh, and you know how little pieces of tinsel will fall on the floor? Nathan picks those up and puts them back on the tree as well.  If he’s this excited about just the Christmas tree, I can’t wait to see how he reacts on Christmas morning!!


As a Kitteh


Thinking of Turbo today…. I love this picture of him when he was a little guy. It’s hard to believe that in three days, it will be two months since he passed away.

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