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I’ll never look at a shower-head the same again


I thought this article was interesting… and a little frightening! Who knew how germy even shower-heads could be? And don’t even get me started on carpets. That is EXACTLY why my house is a total no-shoe zone! If you click on the link below, scroll down to the bottom of the article, after the comments, and you’ll see another article discussing the places germs lurk. I can’t seem to link to it individually, but the article above it discussing kitchen cleanliness is a good read as well!

1 in 7 home kitchens would flunk inspection – Health – Food safety –


Turbo’s big shave


So Turbo, out beautiful Maine Coon kitty, decided to make the dark recesses under the couch his new lair. Unfortunately for him, this caused his fur to become matted. So Paul and I had no other option than to shave the big guy, not only because the mats could not simply be brushed out, but also because Turbo is not going to quit going under the couch. Being shaved will prevent mats from forming.

Unfortunately, Turbo did not want to cooperate for long, so we were unable to finish styling his legs. He did well, though. It took about two hours, and by the time we were done, the shaved fur piled on the floor looking like another whole animal.


But I’m not sure he will ever forgive us for this.

In fact, I’m pretty sure he will remember this forever.

We’re sorry, Big Turb. I guess you don’t exactly feel like you’re Turbo the Terminator anymore, do you?

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