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Enjoying a summer morning outside


Nathan loves his Daddy

Checking out the gravel

What’s that over there?

Taking in his surroundings

Something looks interesting
 Let’s see what it tastes like!


Relief, oh sweet relief


You guys! Remember how I told you our main a/c quit working? And how I was dreading the possibility of it being DAYS until our new one arrived? Well, we ordered the new one just yesterday and here it sits, on our front porch, waiting for my husband to come home and install it.

But I can’t help but wonder, is it some sort of… Magic… Air Conditioner? Because this air conditioner was on a mission. See, we paid for one-day shipping but it was estimated to arrive between Friday (tomorrow) and Monday. We weren’t expecting it to arrive so quickly. One moment it was sitting in a warehouse somewhere, and the next, it was on our front porch. WINGADARIUM LEVIOSA!  Thank you, Harry Potter. I believe in you now. And I am grateful.

Very, very grateful.

Because now? Now I don’t have to worry about becoming cooked flesh in this unrelenting summer heat. And I can now stop complaining about it to the Internet. I bet you are all secretly clapping your hands, aren’t you?

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