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Mr. Monkey Feet… Part 2


I’ve talked about Nathan and his monkey feet here… and guess what? He is STILL Mr. Monkey Feet. This is how Nathan typically has his feet when he’s sitting in his highchair. He can never just sit still; his little feet are constantly tapping the underside of the tray, looking for something to latch onto. Being the little monkey feet that they are, I am not surprised.

And when his feet aren’t latched onto the tray, they’re politely crossed at the ankles, resting for a moment. I still kiss those little baby feet. I can’t help myself. Because it won’t be long before I won’t be able to anymore.


Just about anything can be turned into a toy


Including a Gatorade bottle with a small amount of liquid still in it! Of course, the lid is screwed on tightly. And Nathan is prancing around, holding this Gatorade bottle in both hands while intermittently shaking it, and grinning from ear to ear as if he just laid a golden egg.

He is quite proud of his find.


Food flinger


Nathan had his 15-month well-check yesterday! (I know, it was a month late, but the pediatrician’s office we go to stays booked.) His weight and height are both in the 73rd percentile, which is wonderful because this time last year, we were having severe weight-gain issues with Nathan as my milk supply suddenly started to diminish. It took a change of pediatricians (to the one we currently have), a lot of pumping (using a hospital-grade pump) taking an herb called Fenugreek to help increase my supply, and supplementing with formula. And it took months of intensely hard work and perseverance to get Nathan out of that 1st percentile. (Yes, he became that skinny.) But now? Now, he’s a little Chub Monster with dimpled, meaty thighs, totally nomable cheeks, and a rotund belly that jiggles when he laughs.

He’s doing great. He’s meeting all his milestones. Well, with the exception of feeding himself with a spoon. We’re having issues with that one because he still wants me to feed him. A few months ago, he was starting to spoon-feed himself and was doing well, but somewhere along the way, he decided that the food on spoons is meant to be flung.

He became a food flinger.

And then he would just play with his food and bang his spoon on his highchair. It drove me batty. When I saw the amount of food in his lap, on the floor, and even on the walls, I started worrying that he wasn’t getting enough and that he would lose weight and become a Thin Man again. I didn’t want that. So I just kept feeding him myself.

And it looks like I’m not going to have to worry about him being too thin. So hey, Nathan. You’re going to have to start feeding yourself with your spoon, buddy. Even if it means half of your food ends up everywhere but your mouth and you have to go hungry for a meal or two before you figure it out. Trust me. When you’re around other kids, you don’t want to be the only kid in the room who can’t do something.

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