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Meat Vampire


I just finished feeding Nathan a delicious chicken tenderloin. He liked it. I could tell because, well, HE DIDN’T SPIT IT OUT. However, it took him over 30 minutes to eat less than half of it. I had to reheat it twice, and finally I just ate the rest of it myself (because we all know chicken reheated too many times gets all weird and gummy, like chewing on a gummy bear that’s been left out of the jar for two years).

After more than five minutes after I fed him his last bite of chicken, I tried to feed him some fruit. He opened his mouth, but his mouth was still COMPLETELY FULL OF CHICKEN. The juice was all sucked out, flattening it into a thick, chicken pancake.

Nathan is a Meat Vampire. He sucks all the juice out of his meat, then doesn’t want the meat itself.


Daddy Withdrawals


You know, I absolutely LOVE when my husband is home from work. This past 5-day weekend has spoiled me and Nathan. When Paul’s home from work, he plays with Nathan all the time. He builds Nathan towering block towers and obstacle courses. He does diaper changes and keeps Nathan covered in a blanket of hugs and kisses. So imagine how Nathan felt yesterday when, after what must have seemed like an eternity in Toddler Days, Paul returned to work and Nathan didn’t have his daddy to play with.

He was a Very Unhappy Boy.

He toddled around after me all day long yesterday, arms outstretched and occasionally bumping into cabinets while whining non-stop. And when I say non-stop, I really do mean that literally. It was ceaseless. He whined through diaper changes, while I was trying to feed him, and even while he was playing. He whined while I sang to him, while I danced with him, and while he sucked on his fingers. He whined up to the very second he fell asleep for his nap and started whining again the very moment his eyes fluttered open as his nap ended.

He missed his daddy terribly.

And when Paul came home from work? Nathan was like a daddy-thirsty leech and clung on to Paul for dear life. Anytime I so much as dared to take Nathan from his daddy, he threw a fit. I think it’s absolutely precious that Paul is such a great dad to his son. I wonder if Nathan will ever know just how lucky he is to have a dad like his. So many children don’t have it, which is so very unfair, because all children deserve to have a good daddy.

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