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Try not to laugh. Just try.


Today, I was crawling around Nathan’s room, cleaning up his toys. One of his toys was in between his toy-box and crib, so I was reaching for it when all of sudden, Nathan toddles up behind me and SMACKS MY BUTT. Then he laughed and toddled away.

I was shocked. So much so that I sat there for a full minute thinking, Did he really just SMACK MY BUTT? Yes, he did. He sure as hell did. How on earth did this happen? It seems like such a short while ago I was bringing him home from the hospital. And now he’s smacking my butt.

And toddling away after he does it.

Kids are like sponges; they absorb everything they see and hear. He must have seen the some of the times Paul has playfully smacked my butt. Or maybe it was because there have been times Paul and I have had to slap his hand. Who knows? All I know is that it was really hard not to laugh.


For the love of books


In Nathan’s room, we keep the bookshelf sequestered behind a Rubbermaid tub and Paul’s great-great-grandmother’s rocking chair so that Nathan doesn’t try to climb the bookshelf or inadvertently pull it down on top of himself. We place the rocking chair in front of the bookshelf and tie a string from the doorknob to the handle of the chair so Nathan can’t slam the door (which he loves to do!) and the Rubbermaid tub is there to prevent him from crawling behind the rocking chair.

The very bottom shelf of the bookcase houses some stuffed animals that used to belong to me and Paul, and the shelf above that holds some of Nathan’s books.

Nathan loves his books. LOVES them. To the point that I read him multiple books multiple times a day, and he STILL cries when I finish each one.

Well Nathan, being the tester of boundaries that he is, wasn’t going to let an old rocking chair and a silly Rubbermaid tub cramp his style. No, sir. So what did the benevolent little dictator do? Why, he mustered all his strength and somehow managed to pull the rocking chair away from the door, still tethered to the doorknob, and made a beeline for the shelf with all the stuffed animals and his books.

That kids loves his books.

He got a couple stuffed animals out, but he got every single one of his books off the shelf and scattered them around himself. He tucked his legs under the rug and thoroughly enjoyed himself as he “read” each of them.


Faster than a speeding bullet!


Ok. Maybe he’s not exactly that fast. But he’s pretty darn fast. He can get up some serious bursts of speed when he feels inclined, and I can’t help but wish I had just a fraction of his energy.

Just a teeny tiny fraction.

Oh yeah. And take note of just how loud his crawling is.



All finished!


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